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This article was originally published on The Inertia

Kai Lenny has always been ahead of the curve. Finding - and tweaking - the tools that help him perform better in the ocean is at the core of his life's work: be it on surfboard, kite board, big wave gun, or foil. (Did you see him using a wing the other day at Jaws?)

In the grander scheme, where would we be without people who innovate? Especially in the stuffy world of surfing where norms shift at a snail's pace. Those who dare push the sport forward make us all better, and Kai Lenny is one of our most imaginative souls. When it comes to watermen, he's innovation incarnate. We worked with Johnny Decesare and his Poor Boys Productions team to create this piece with Kai as part of our talent-laden EVOLVE Summit. Please stay tuned in the coming weeks as we release these features for the world to enjoy, and maybe learn something from, too.

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This article was originally published on The Inertia

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