At this stage, it would be fair to wonder if Kai Lenny even gets scared. He's treating some of the scariest waves in the world like a half pipe, going so far as to take his wing and foil out to Jaws recently.

So, when he calls the conditions scary -- and has POV footage to take you along for the ride -- you know you're going to pay attention. Lenny has been among the surfers scoring Mavericks in Central California recently -- during swells which saw some of the best surfing out there ever, including Peter Mel's bar-raising wave.

In his latest YouTube edit, we get to feel exactly what it's like to sit in that cold, murky lineup, and then spin and paddle into one of the world's most infamous waves. Mavericks is incredibly compelling, but in a league of its own when it comes to uninviting lineups. The wave itself is challenging enough, before you throw in the thick wetsuits and cold water.

So while only a few people on the planet will genuinely enjoy charging Mavs, we can all get a taste of what it's like thanks to Kai and other chargers who take it on.

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