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With a buffet of swell lighting up the entire North Shore over the last few weeks, nobody's been feasting quite like newly minted Pipe Master John John Florence. From Haleiwa to Pipe, from idyllic air winds to grumpy, bumpy beasts, the two-time World Champ has been straight up prolific lately. He just dropped a new edit from the final swells of 2020, and if this is how he's looking at the end of a long, challenging year, we have much to look forward to from him during this next lap around the sun. Before you dive into the action, here are three things to keep an eye out for:

Florence's Wave At 2:12 Is How You've Always Wanted To Surf

Casually paddling sideways as he gets sucked up the face, John effortlessly late-drops with the whitewater, perfectly engaging his rail at the bottom. Projecting into a devastating, full-rail gouge, he lays down the kind of turn you envision yourself doing but will never achieve. Then the wave closes out and he's done. From start to finish it's about eight seconds of perfect surfing.

Are There Three Siblings Ripping Harder Than The Florences Right Now?

The Wright family give the Florence boys a run for the money, but the nod may go to the trio in Hawaii right now. If John and Tyler both have two titles, and Nathan and Owen have their own impressive resumes, the X factor would be the youngest siblings: Ivan and Mikey. Both are Motorhead fans and love a good pit, but the silky smooth flow of Ivan in this edit is pretty damn eye pleasing.

2021 Is Setting Up To Be A Massive Year For Two Johns

If reigning World Champ Italo Ferreira won the Internet during the early days of quarantine life, Florence has overtaken him as of late. There's really nobody doing what he's doing right now the variety of conditions he's surfing. From heavy Haleiwa to hollow Pipe, big waves and small, he's laying down incredible lines, sticking huge airs and really setting the pace for state-of-the-art wave riding. At this point it's up to everyone else to try and catch him. Oh, and in a month or two he'll be dropping his first line from Florence Marine X, expect him to also be making some noise in the industry.

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