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It is that time of the week again. Here are the must see vlogs from the epic run of swell in Hawaii, including Super Saturday. From Leonardo Fioravanti at Honolua Bay to Nathan Florence at Jaws, these surf vlogers cover all the bases.

Leo Fioravanti Surfs Pumping Honolua Bay

Italy's Leonardo Fioravanti is back at it again with another vlog from Hawaii. This time he island hopped to Maui. While everyone was charging massive surf at Jaws, Leonardo paddled out for Honolua Bay in all time conditions with friends Joey Johnstonand Cody Young. The swell built throughout the day and the boys got their fair share of dreamy Honolua right handers.

Surf And Hike In Hawaii With Lakey Peterson

Lakey Peterson is staying extra busy on the North Shore of Oahu. Her latest vlog follows a day in the life: Surfing, hiking, and training with the Championship Tour athlete. "Surfing in Hawaii as a girl can be very intimidating. For a girl it pushes me a lot and boys expect you to go out and take your waves and if you're paddling they expect you to go," said Lakey in the vlog.

Koa Rothman Surfs An Out Reef On Oahu, Featuring JJF

With swell pushing in at 22 feet 17 seconds, Koa Rothman and John John Florence headed out to an outer reef on the North Shore of Oahu for an all-time surf session last weekend. "Potentially the biggest swell in 10 years," said John John in the video. And what a swell it turned out to be. With the sun shining and the bright blue of the ocean, the two friends pushed each other to the limits and scored insane waves.

A Strike Mission To Jaws With Nathan Florence

Nathan Florence and Eli Olson sent it from Oahu to Maui for the Super Saturday swell at Peahi. The two friends geared up and headed out bright and early in order to ride giants. As the swell built through the day, they continued to find memorable rides. "A big tow day at Jaws. Finished it up. Some of the largest waves Eli and I have ever ridden on a board," said Nathan in the video.

Cola Brothers Best Of January

The Colapinto brothers have been going non-stop all winter long. Griffin Colapinto and Crosby Colapinto shared their best waves from January so far, including a clean day of pumping Haleiwa. When they aren't surfing the best spots on North Shore, they can be found hiking or cruising at the Billabong house with friends.

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