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Well, after more than a month of hard, no-holds-barred surfing on the North Shore, the first digital iteration of the Vans Triple Crown is in the books. For the first time both men and women competed at Heleiwa, Sunset and Pipeline.

John John Florence and Carissa Moore topped the podium, but there were too many impressive entries in the innovative digital version to let them get all the shine.

Competitors submitted their best two waves from each location, which were scored by a panel of three WSL judges, and to give you an idea of just how hotly contested it was, Griffin Colapinto came a close runner-up to Florence at all three venues and the man's been on an absolute tear lately.

Griff and his brother Crosby Colapinto -- the Cola Bros -- have been standouts on the North Shore not only this season but in recent years -- lest we forget Griff is, after all, the first Californian to win a Triple Crown, which he did back in 2017.

Watch The Waves That Won Florence and Moore Their Digital Vans Triple Crown Victories
The results are in, here are the standout performances from the 2020 Digital Vans Triple Crown champions on the North Shore of Oahu.

Meanwhile, Carissa earned a well-deserved accolade after a hard-fought season on the North Shore, but there were plenty of other female athlete's making their presence felt at some of the heaviest waves on earth.

Tatiana Weston-Webb earned the Fan Vote award, while North Shore local Moana Jones-Wong wowed the audience with her prowess at Pipeline to name just a few. Surfers such as Malia Manuel and Bronte Macaulay also charged, finishing third and fourth on the leaderboard respectively. And, of course, Moore showed that hard work pays off, and that she's going to be in the boxseat when the women's Championship Tour rolls around to some of the heavier venues.

For Florence, this has all been the cherry on top of an already sweet season. Back from injury, securing a maiden Pipe Masters victory, he bagged what could have been the wave of the winter during an epic outer reef session, not to mention has done some of the best surfing anyone has ever seen at Haleiwa.

Digital Vans Triple Crown: Some Of The Best Female Submissions
The women dropped banger clips from Pipe, Sunset, and Haleiwa.

The digital format may have done away with the pressure of a heat in front of a live audience, but it came with its own challenges, as well as some unique judging criteria on top of the standard WSL criteria. With its emphasis on speed, power and flow, we really got to see what surfers are capable of when left to their own devices.

As Moore said after securing her Triple Crown win, in a nod to what the future may hold in store, "One day hopefully I'll get to compete in a live Triple Crown."

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