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Editor's Note: After the first event of the 2021 Championship Tour season, reigning World Champion Carissa Moore sits second in the world. After a statement-making performance at the Maui Pro presented by ROXY, which ultimately concluded at Pipeline, Moore will now focus her attention on a four-event run in Australia. With two-time World Champ Tyler Wright atop the leaderboard and competing in familiar waters, Moore most definitely has her work cut out for her. But after winning the digital edition of the Vans Triple Crown, as well as getting increasingly more comfortable at Pipe, her confidence is through the roof. Recently her sister, Cayla Moore, who works for the WSL, sat down with Riss conversation about the winter's accomplishments.

All my life I've watched my sister do amazing things. I have stood by her side for each of her World Titles and watched her charge waves of consequence like Pipeline and Cloudbreak. In and out of the water she inspires me with her passion for life and her whole hearted dedication to her dreams. Last month she won the Vans Triple Crown, it was another exciting first I got to experience with her. We sat down for a sisterly chat about what this win meant to her and what she learned:

Cayla Moore: How does it feel to compete at home and have the Triple Crown return for the women after a decade?
Carissa Moore: It's a dream come true to be able to compete at home in Hawaii. These are the waves that I have grown up training in and have spent most of my life surfing.

We haven't had a female presence on the North Shore of Oahu for over 10 years. And as you know, I have always dreamed of being able to have the opportunity to compete for a Vans Triple Crown which, is a coveted title.

Winning a Triple Crown means that you can handle Haleiwa, Sunset and Pipeline: three of the most challenging waves, not only on Oahu, but in the world.

Carissa Moore On Winning A Vans Triple Crown
4X World Champion Carissa Moore talks about winning her first Vans Triple Crown title. Video: Evan Campbell Photo: Trevor Moran/ RedBull Content Pool

Let's talk about Pipeline for a moment. What is it like to paddle out there? Were you scared? I get scared just watching you paddle out there.
I haven't really spent enough time out at Pipeline. The few times that I do go out a year, it is a very intimidating lineup. Everybody who is out there is really fighting to make a name for themselves and the wave is extremely challenging. It's a heavy wave that breaks on shallow reef which increases the anxiety and nervousness. I feel like every time I paddle out there, there's that pressure to not mess up because the crowd is watching. And if you mess up, then you're at the back of the line.

It's really important to show up when you have the moment. Surfing out there is out of my comfort zone. It wasn't until Joel [Centeio] paddled out with me and he gave me that extra boost of confidence that got me over the ledge on one of my my best submission. So thanks, Joel.

Carissa Moore and Cayla Moore Carissa Moore and her younger sister Cayla Moore pose for a photograph on Sunday January 31, 2021 after the interview wrapped. - WSL / Evan Campbell

What is the significance of having Pipeline added to the Triple Crown this year?
Having Pipe a part of the Triple Crown this year was a huge positive. It was that extra motivation to go out in the line up and to push myself outside of my comfort zone. Even for the younger generation of women to see us charging out there is a huge step in the right direction.

What was your favorite wave that you submitted to the Vans Triple Crown?
My favorite wave that I submitted for the digital Vans Triple Crown was from Haleiwa. It's my favorite spot on the North Shore and I've surfed it the most out of any of the spots in the Triple Crown.

The morning that I got the clip we scored, it all kind of just came together. The lineup was pretty empty and the crowd was mellow. It was solid, six to eight foot, super playful with a nice direction and a great pace.

That day I got a three turn right hander and I felt really good.

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