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Spin the globe and away we go! What a week in waves we've had. From Hawaii to the Gold Coast, Brazil to Costa Rica, there's a whole crop of fresh new YouTube edits hitting the web that have us dreaming of days of unrestricted travel and boardshorts. So, while we're still stuck at home, here are the best mind surfing options from a run of stunning surf around the planet:

Italo Ferreira Makes Magic At Fernando De Noronha

After a successful few months in Hawaii, reigning World Champ Italo Ferreira is back home and Brazil and has been enjoying the pristine waters of Fernando De Noronha. With its beautiful scenery, hollow waves and tropical vibes, it's as close to paradise as you're going to get these days.

Making A Huge Air Drop At Jaws With Kai Lenny

You never quite know what you're going to get when you go on a ride along with Kai Lenny, especially at Jaws. In this instance, he offers up a first-hand account of what it means to take a massive air drop on a massive day at his favorite break. Hold on tight, this ride may get a little bumpy.

Swell Alert: Spitting Kirra Funnels

Australia has us so hyped right now. The Championship Tour and the Qualifying Series are coming back, but first, Kirra had to remind everyone who's boss. Thanks to a strong shot of cyclone swell, the fabled Gold Coast right-hander has been absolute magic lately. And while it's nearly impossible to get into the country at the moment due to travel restrictions, we can all dream a little dream, can't we?

Firing Witches Rock With Nic Von Rupp

One of the marquee spots featuring in Bruce Brown's seminal film "Endless Summer 2," the perfection of Witches Rock in Costa Rica has long beckoned to surfers, and now Portugal's Nic von Rupp can add his name to the list of people that have scored the place. A little tropical delight after a long, cold winter in the Atlantic, Von Rupp trades the fullsuit for trunks and doesn't seem to mind one single bit.

Yago Dora's Back To Summer Slop

Coming home from Hawaii is always a little bit painful. The swells aren't as big or as strong, the barrels aren't as wide, and as a result, one's approach to riding waves is forced to change. Of course, Yago Dora's one of the most versatile surfers on the planet and has no problem leaping from a pintail to his favorite shortboard. And no matter the conditions, the man always manages to impress.

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