- WSL / Matt Dunbar

Championship Tour surfer and current world number three Sally Fitzgibbons has been featured on the cover of Australian Women's Health magazine.

Sally is one of Australia's most successful athletes, and in the issue -- to hit newsstands next week -- she discusses the grit required to deal with the covid pandemic. Last year, Sally had qualified for the Olympic Games and was in the best shape of her life, but within the space of a few short weeks the Championship Tour and the Games were thrown into a precarious situation -- like all professional sports across the globe.

After an extended offseason and a stop-start leg in Hawaii, Sally is poised to resume her CT campaign at Newcastle, Australia in April. Sally has won at this break three times (during the Qualifying Series event held there each year), putting her in a great situation to be able to come out swinging.

Sally has long been in World Title contention and without a doubt has the talent to make it happen. Currently sitting at number three on the rankings, and with several stops of the Tour to come on home turf in Australia, this could be the year she makes it happen, especially if the WSL Finals go down at Trestles -- Sally has one of the best air games on the Women's Tour and has been working hard on her progressive surfing.

This issue of Women's Health is titled "The Comeback Issue" -- could they have found a more fitting athlete to feature?

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