This Sunday, "BILLY," the story of Big Wave World Champ Billy Kemper, continues with the second chapter of the six-part series. Premiering February 28, at 9:00am PT, things are about to get critical in Morocco.

In 2019, with back to back trips to Tahiti and Indonesia, a big-wave win at Puerto Escondido, an outstanding performance in the Vans Triple Crown, a dominating win at the Pipe Trials and a fourth Big Wave event win at Jaws, Kemper was riding an incredible wave of momentum.

The upward trajectory continued into 2020 with a win at the Sunset Open, as well as one of the biggest barrels ever ridden at Jaws.

Then Kemper and friends Luke Davis and Koa Smith decided to make a move and chase a one-in-a-lifetime swell across two oceans to the shores of Northern Africa.

Episode 2 Trailer: "BILLY" Starring Billy Kemper
2019 was a career-defining year for Billy Kemper. From coveted magazine covers to Big Wave contest wins to a memorable run in the Pipe Masters, Billy was riding some incredible momentum into 2020.

In Chapter 2 of "BILLY" the crew land in Morocco and begin their chase. When a new Atlantic swell arrives, pushing in at full force along the coast, Safi Point lights up with long, perfect barrels. A nine-hour session has the boys grinning ear to ear.

But tragedy strikes when, after a long day in the water, on one of his last rides, Billy sustains a wipeout that sends him over the falls, causing him to completely black out and lose sensation in the lower half of his body.

You're going to have to keep watching to see what happens next.

"BILLY: Chapter 2" premiers Sunday, February 28 at 9:00 am PT. Tune in to watch on WorldSurfLeague.com.

Billy Kemper Chapter 2 In May of 2019, Billy Kemper took a free surf trip to Tahiti and scored a cover shot for Surfer magazine. - WSL
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