It's a life and death moment in Morocco for Billy Kemper after suffering a wipeout that threatens to end him.

In chapter three of "BILLY," the gravity of Kemper's situation goes from bad to worse. After a nine-hour session of a lifetime, he is smashed on his last wave and knocked unconscious.

Rescued and rushed to a nearby hospital, doctors find that he's cracked his pelvis and his condition is continuing to deteriorate.

Episode 3 Trailer: "BILLY" Starring Billy Kemper
After suffering a life-threatening fall on a strike mission in Morocco, Billy Kemper found himself enduring every surfer's worst nightmare.

Meanwhile, in the United States, the COVID-19 pandemic has just shut everything down and emergency plans to get him back to the America for more medical attention proves to be much more difficult than anticipated.

Koa Smith leads the effort to save his friend's life as calls are made and all possible options are exhausted to get Kemper home.

"BILLY: Chapter 3" premiers Sunday, March 7th at 9:00 am PT. Watch it on WorldSurfLeague.com or the WSL's YouTube channel.

Billy Kemper Ep 3 Key Art docuseries Billy Kemper getting lifted out of the airplane in a stretcher on his way home to the U.S from Morocco. - WSL
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