The life of a professional surfer may seem dreamy, but it takes commitment. Nic von Rupp says he was on holiday in Costa Rica with his girlfriend when he saw a swell pop up back home.

He quickly packed his bags and made his way back to Portugal. When you're pulling moves like this, you'd want to hope the session is worth it. Thankfully for Nic, it looks like the decision paid off.

He scored this wave that begins as a three-foot take off and then turns into a full-on 12-foot freight train. The takeoff seems so approachable that mere civilians can picture themselves chipping into to one of these beasts, but then you'd quickly find out if you'd bitten off more than you could chew.

Nic says the wave does not break often, but when conditions align there's no place he'd rather be. Let's just hope for his sake that his girl is on the same page!

Judging from the stoke on his face though, there's absolutely zero regrets. And how could there be when you're scoring waves this good at home?

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