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International Women's Day on March 8 celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world. In honor of all the WSL's inspirational athletes, today we will be sharing and amplifying the messages they share with their friends and fans, as well looking back at some recent ground-breaking performances.

Avoca Champion Picklum Leading The Charge For The Next Generation

This weekend, Molly Picklum won in front of a home crowd at the Sisstrevolution Central Coast Pro  at Avoca Beach. She's without a doubt one of the most justifiably hyped surfers coming up through the ranks in Australia, and it's no stretch of the imagination at all to expect to see her on the Championship Tour very soon. And when she gets there, beware: She's the complete package of of smooth, powerful surfing and a top-level air game.

The Source of Sally Fitzgibbon's Inspiration

Not just a constant World Title threat, it's no secret that Sally Fitzgibbons is an elite athlete whether it's in the water or out. An accomplished distance runner, for International Women's Day she shared an inspiring story about Australian gold medalist Cathy Freeman.

New Zealand's Paige Hareb On What IWD Means To Her

Paige Hareb has put a lot of thought into how to represent International Women's Day through a series of photographs, and it's well worth your attention.

Lisa Andersen Means Business

In a stark, powerful statement, four-time World Champion and barrier-breaker Lisa Andersen shared a photo of her and her Roxy squad in simple, black bathing suits, including Gilmore and Kelia Moniz.

1990 World Champion Pam Burridge Opens Up About Fighting For Equality In Pro Surfing

On a recent installment of "The Lineup" with Dave Prodan, 1990 World Champion and women's surfing pioneer Pam Burridge discussed the upcoming "Girls Can't Surf" film about the trailblazing group of female professional surfers in the 1980s.

1990 World Champion Pam Burridge Opens Up About Fighting For Equality In Pro Surfing
"There was acceptance and then real resistance." -- Pam Burridge

Pipeline Pioneer Keala Kennelly

2020 was a landmark year for women's surfing on the North Shore of Oahu, without a doubt Surfing's most infamous and demanding location. For the first time ever, a women's Championship Tour event ran at Pipeline -- the standard against which all other heavy waves around the world a judged -- and women put in defining performances during the Digital Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. This was a an amazing moment in surfing, made possible by big wave pioneers such as Keala Kennelly, seen here finding some tube time at the Banzai.

A Breakout Season On The North Shore

Speaking of pioneering and this past Winter on the North Shore of Oahu, it really was a watershed moment for surfing. Women such as Triple Crown winter and four-time World Champion Carissa Moore were going harder at the infamous breaks on the "Seven Mile Miracle" than ever before, and a spotlight was also cast on a new generation coming through. Athletes such as Moana Jones got to showcase their mastery at Pipeline through the first-ever Digital Triple Crown, and Championship Tour vets such as Tatiana Weston-Webb were able to compete there for the first time (and in the case of Tyler Wright, win!).

Vans Off The Wall Moment: Moana Jones On Pipeline And Drawing Inspiration From Surf Legends
North Shore local Moana Jones shares her take on the women in the Vans Triple Crown.

Keely Andrew On Becoming A Strong Female Role Model

Keely Andrew looks up to the strong women in her family, hoping to become someone her niece will look up to when she grows up. To her, International Womens Day is about being a role model to the next generation of women.

Being The Best Version Of Yourself With Courtney Conlogue

Courtney Conlogue knew she wanted to be a pro surfer from a young age. With a foundation in martial arts and love for surfing she achieved her greatest dreams by being the best version of herself.

"Still inspired by the actions of Women living their best lives. And the beauty in sharing what you love with others and the next generation so they can continue to mold our future for their next generations and so on" said Courtney in an International Womens Day Instagram post.

Lakey Peterson In Good Company

Lakey Peterson shouts out fellow strong and beautiful women whom she admires in her International Women's Day Instagram post. She includes a reminder to all women to be proud of who you are.

Let's Celebrate Women Everyday

We celebrate women today and everyday. And Johanne Defay agrees. She announces "Women On Waves" a project that she has been closely aligned on that highlights women sharing experiences and the love for the ocean. She hopes to continue meeting women who inspire her in her day to day life.

Stay tuned, this article is being updated regularly as we continue to celebrate International Women's Day.

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