- WSL / Riordan Pringle

This winter Conner Coffin opted to spend most of the season in boardshorts on the North Shore. In a normal year, the Santa Barbara stylist would have spent his offseason wrapped in rubber at Rincon, but 2020 and 2021 have hardly been normal.

On the road since he was a teenager, when the pandemic struck a year ago, Coffin had just returned home to California after a dig at the Volcom Pipe Pro and then a quick trip to Australia where he stayed with three-time World Champ Mick Fanning for a week.

"I've pretty much been home since then, which would be like February 12th," Coffin explained last year. "This is probably the longest single stretch of time I've spent at home -- or I mean it certainly will be by the longest time when this thing all plays out -- since I was 16 or something."

Eventually, after all that time at home, Coffin found his way back across the Pacific for the Pipe Masters last December and opted to stay in Hawaii afterwards and stack clips.

And now, making the most of the warm water and a seemingly endless flurry of swells, Coffin's primed for a great run of events in Australia. With impeccable speed, power and flow, he's well suited for spots like Newcastle and Narrabeen, and if this latest edit from Hawaii is any indication of what he's capable of Down Under, Coffin appears dead set on putting power surfing back in the spotlight.

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