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BILLY, six-part documentary series, follows Hawaiian big wave surfer Billy Kemper on the road to recovery after a life-threatening injury on a surf trip to Morocco. As Billy fights to get back to his family and back on the board, he confronts the personal losses that have both defined his life and motivated his immense success. This is a story of the strength and resilience that made him into the man, father, and World Champion Billy is today.

1. Big Wave Surfing Comes With Consequences

"This is a story of when what you love threatens to take you from who you love" - Selema Masekela

Billy Kemper always knew he wanted to ride giants. He pursued the biggest waves in the world, chasing massive swells for the perfect wave. But big risks go hand in hand with big rewards. In February of 2020, Billy strike-missioned to Morrocco with a small crew of free-surfing friends to chase a swell lighting up the North Atlantic.

What started out as the trip of a lifetime quickly took a turn for the worst. As we learn in this series, big wave surfing comes with consequences and in Billy's case he may not have been able to surf again, ever.

Billy Kemper Chapter 2 While on a surf trip in Morrocco February of 2020 Billy Kemper sustains a life-threatening injury. - WSL

2. Learn What Makes A World Champion

Why does someone want to chase the most dangerous waves in the world? Throughout the series Billy dives deep into his childhood and how his upbringing pushed him to become the world class athlete that he is, overcoming adversity and pushing himself to the limits of what is humanly possible.

With his passion and motivation to be the best, Billy went on to win the Big Wave World Title in 2017 and he knows that he is not done yet. The series follows his journey through recovery and his reflection on where life has taken him. We get to learn exactly what drives an athlete of this caliber.

Billy Kemper Chapter 4 Billy Kemper claiming a win on the back of the jetski at Jaws on Maui. - WSL

3. Billy Kemper And The Importance Of Family

"Whether its an injury, riding big waves, winning World Title's, or coming home from work, a family will motivate and push you more than anything in the world." - Billy Kemper

Throughout the series, the love of family helped Billy recover from an injury that could have hindered him the rest of his life. The value of family takes on a deeper roll as Billy dives into his past.

The inspiration he takes from his loved ones is a big reason Billy is able to perform at the level that he does, and this series provides a candid look at how essential that is.

Billy Kemper with Family Ep 1 Billy Kemper sits down for a meal with his family. - WSL

4. The Art Of Turning Negatives Into Positives

"Billy's really good at taking the good, the bad, and the ugly and knowing how to shape it into motivation" - Mark Healey

After suffering from his life threatening injury in Morrocco, Billy put his head down and went to work on fully recovering and getting back in the water again to do what he loves. With the help of doctors, family, and friends, Billy was able to make his dream to surf Jaws again a reality. Even at his most challenging and painful moments, he was able to stay motivated and celebrate the small victories along his journey.

Billy Kemper Chapter 4 Billy sits on the couch with his son as he recovers post surgury. - WSL

5. Breaking The Boundaries Of Fear

There is nothing more powerful than overcoming your fears. And Billy understood that he must conquer his fears by returning to Jaws once again.

"I could bundle up all four of those Jaws trophies and that World Title and tell you that this day is going to be much more meaningful than all of those" said Billy to his wife in the series finale. "Because the feeling that I will get when I pass that line of fear, I can continue doing what I love to do."

Billy Kemper As he returns to Jaws for the first time since his injury, Billy takes a moment to pray and prepare himself to paddle out. - WSL
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