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John John Florence has opened up about the knee injury he suffered during the Round of 16 at the Boost Mobile Margaret River Pro presented by Corona. Clarifying the injury and the intentions of his recovery process, the two-time World Champ from Hawaii continues to be focused on returning to competition for the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games.

"We were able to do an ACL repair, reattaching the end of the ligament to the femur," reported Florence in his latest Instagram post. "It was great news to not need a full reconstruction. The repair has a shorter recovery, and from what I am learning it is a more straightforward healing process for the knee and surrounding muscles."

This is Florence's third knee injury over the last several seasons, but the first time he's damaged his left knee. Gaining a deeper understanding of what it takes to comeback from such injures, Florence has been both introspective and straightforward.

"I've been thinking a lot about what it takes to recover and come back stronger from an injury. I've tried to simplify it for myself to a few things -- setting goals, committing to them, and spending the time to make them happen," Florence explains.

"Having the support of a dedicated medical team has been a huge help to accelerate the whole process. Feeling really encouraged with how far we've come in the last couple weeks."

John gets props for his massive air. Florence, Andino and Kelly Slater during healthier, happier days at the 2018 Founders Cup. All three surfers have been saddled by injury in 2021. - WSL / Steve Sherman

Meanwhile, Florence's partner on the Men's U.S. Olympic Surf Team Kolohe Andino continues the recovery process after a high ankle sprain forced him to withdraw from the Australian leg of the Championship Tour. He underwent surgery to repair the injury in April.

Last week the pair were in San Clemente, California, rehabbing their respective injuries together.

"It's good to have buddies," joked Andino on Instagram, cracking up the physical therapists in the room.

The opening ceremony for the Tokyo Olympic Games is July 23, less than two months away from now.

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