- WSL / Eimeo Czermak

The last epic swell in Teahupo'o was a case of pleasure and pain for Tahitian charger Eimeo Czermak. On one hand, in his first time ever tow surfing the wave, he scored the biggest barrel of his life. On the flip side, he also endured a vicious wipeout and was lucky to leave the water with just a tweaked back and two shredded feet.

"The waves have been crazy for the last couple of months, big swells and medium swells and it has been so consistent," Czermak told the WSL. "And then came the biggest swell of the year, if not the last decade, so it was all about being ready."

That giant Friday The 13th August swell came with another bitter-sweet taste as just prior to its arrival Czermak had learned that the Tahiti CT, and the Trials he was due to compete in, had been canceled due to Covid-19. The Trials would have started on the 14th, which as the clip shows features Teahupo'o about as big, paddleable and beautiful as it gets

"I'd been thinking about the Trials every waking moment," said the Teahupoo resident. "It was such a big focus for me as it offered the chance to show what all us locals can do. So it was a massive disappointment. It meant though this session was just doing it for the love."

Czermak didn't have too much time to wallow and instead set about packing every bomb he could at Teahupo'o and compiling his vlogs. A lot of the footage is filmed by his family members and friends, and he edits most of his clips himself.

"I've done it all by myself, apart from the filming obviously," the 18-year-old said. "I enjoy the editing process, and it's satisfying pulling it all together and seeing the finished product."

Speaking of finished products, Czermak is keen to let the world know that he has his sights set further away than just making a name for himself at the famous wave where he lives. "My ultimate career goal is to make the CT and be the best surfer in the world," he said. "I know it could be a long way off and it will be really hard, but that's what I have set myself."

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