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It's about that time of year. November is here and that can only mean one thing: the North Shore season has arrived. Swell is looming in the forecast and John John Florence just gave us a whole bunch of reasons to be excited for what's to come.

Unleashing a torrent of clips on his YouTube channel, from barrels, to airs, to mast-snapping boat crashes, Florence once again proves that there's no place like Hawaii. None of the clips are longer than a minute and all of them only feature one ride each, which is actually nice as it provides an uncluttered opportunity to see his true genius in action. Here are our top three Florence clips from the last week. Watch and learn:

The first clip comes from Backdoor Pipe. A deep, running barrel, Florence says, "This ended up being one of my favorite waves of the winter." Originally included in his "Maps of Home" edit from last year, it's not hard to see why it was the Pipe Master's faves.

The next clip comes from a heavy day at the Ehukai sandbar right in front of Florence's boyhood home. While most surfers would be straightening out or pulling through the back, he looks completely at ease in the challenging, turbulent conditions.

"One of the better sandbar days in the past few years," Florence describes.

The way he lingers at the bottom of the wave and sets up the barrel is inspiring enough, but how he pushes through the frothy, whitewater chandelier section at the end is simply baffling. How does he do that? You're going to want to watch this one a few times to make sense of it. The clip first ran on his "Space" project.

In the immortal words of filmmaker Bruce Brown, "Whether you like to surf, or sail, or surf a sailboat… Hawaii, even in the winter, is truly a land of an endless summer."

Featuring Florence and snowboard icon Travis Rice and Pipe Master Jamie O'Brien riding waves on their Hobie Cats on Oahu's east side, the clip is a few years old, but like Brown's "The Endless Summer," it's pretty timeless.

"We started surfing a few waves and took the wrong line on this one," Florence describes. "We pitch-poled pretty hard, snapping the mast in half and stranding ourselves in the bay."

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