Pre-pandemic 2019 Eli Hanneman locked down a couple of solid Qualifying Series results, finishing 3rd at the Air Tahiti Rangiroa Pro 2019 and 5th at the Papara Pro Open Tahiti. But the 2021 Challenger Series has been a bit of a different story for the 18-year-old Maui phenom. The banger results haven't been as easy to come by, but that doesn't mean he hasn't been collecting some banger clips.

This week, Hanneman dropped a fresh, new YouTube edit to let the world know where his mind is at ... and it's inspiring to say the least. Titled "96761," the zip code of Lahaina, Maui, where he was born and raised, the cut is an ode to that summertime living at home where the most significant decisions seem to be around where to surf and when to get that avocado toast/acai bowl combo. Massive full rotation airs combo'd on single waves and mobbing around town are all part of the game.

"Doesn't get better than this," proclaims Hanneman before dropping some insane combos at wedgey tropical Lahania Harbor. And don't miss the moment at 5:48 where he puts together an insane combo, linking two full rotations airs.

Give Hanneman's newest edit a watch, and remember, "Don't let the lifestyle drag you down."

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