With the first event of the 2022 Championship Tour at hand, it's time to get down to the business of dialing in your Fantasy teams for the Billabong Pro Pipeline. We just caught up with former New School stylist and big-wave pioneer Shane Dorian to see who's putting on his squad. The man's got plenty of insight and perspective to share, here's where his head's at:

Women's Pick

Carissa Moore: In the past few months, I've seen Isabella [Nicols] out quite a bit, Bettylou [Sakura Johnson] out a bunch, and Carissa a ton. I have Riss as my top pick because when she's out there she's actually getting good ones, not going for scraps. I've seen her pick out some really good rights and lefts and has a shown that she can perform at Pipe.

Men's Pick

Griffin Colapinto: He's really done a lot of work on his surfing and is extremely consistent at Pipe and Backdoor. He knows how to get really high quality waves all over the reef and has a good spot IQ even though he's from San Clemente. He has the confidence and self-belief that you need to go a long way in this contest.

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Women's Sleeper

Bettylou Sakura Johnson: With the forecast looking the way it is, I think it'll be in slightly smaller conditions, which favors Backdoor. I've seen Bettylou out there a ton in the last month and a half and when she's out there you can tell that she's building lots of confidence. I also think she expects to do well in her backyard, which is an added boost.

Men's Sleeper

Barron Mamiya: He's definitely not a sleeper out at Pipe. Not only does he have a lot to prove, but I know he feels like he's got a lot to prove, and that can be really dangerous. He surfs Pipe just as much as anyone and I think he'll know how to put a heat together whether its super perfect Pipe or super tricky Pipe.

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