TUDOR Nazaré Tow Surfing Challenge presented by Jogos Santa Casa

Forecast Updated: Monday afternoon, February 7th (Local Time)

Brief Overview:

An incredible week of surf at Nazare will be highlighted by an XXL swell that will arrive and peak through the day on Thursday. This swell will come from a huge storm currently in between Greenland and Iceland which is producing hurricane-force wind and seas of 50-60 feet. While the strongest wind and seas are not pointed at Nazare, there is an area of the storm off the tip of Greenland that is well aimed at Portugal.

We'll see long period swell build Wednesday afternoon, although we expect the strongest waves Thursday morning. We expect wave face size in the 40-55' range all day with great shape thanks to the favorable swell direction and swell period.

Wind and conditions look good to excellent on Thursday with light SE to ESE through the morning (offshore at Nazare). That will follow a few days of either light or offshore wind, too, so conditions should be buttery. We may see wind trend weakly onshore Thursday afternoon, but that will likely mean glassy conditions persist.

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