With three long days done and dusted, we're into the business end of the Hurley Pro Sunset Beach. Only eight men and four women are left in the draw, and many of them are new faces to the CT.

Here's the official Surfline forecast heading into Finals Day.

Updated Thursday Evening, Feb 17th (local time)


  • Fresh pulses of sizable WNW-NW swell arrive over Fri/Sat -- trades veer sideshore NE
  • Surf fades Sunday and becomes small by Monday -- wind remains sideshore
  • Another round of decent size WNW-NW swell move in 22nd-23rd -- trades shift back E

TODAY 18th: Building to 6-8' occ 10' faces in the PM. Offshore AM wind veers sideshore in PM.
SWELL/SURF: Slow start at early with small surf around shoulder-head high. Then watch for a new WNW-NW swell to steadily build in through the morning, peaking in the afternoon. Sets reach 2-3 feet overhead, occasionally double overhead. Consistency should be fair.
WIND: Moderate E-ENE trades early to mid-morning, then veering NE for the rest of day and staying moderate.

SATURDAY 19th: Building to 8-10' occ 12'+ faces in the PM. Sideshore wind all day.
SWELL/SURF: Reinforcing shot of fresh NW swell pushes in and resupplies sets up to double overhead+ over the afternoon, occasional waves/peaks rolling in near triple overhead. Fair consistency.
WIND: Unfavorable conditions with moderate sideshore NE wind, potentially even NNE in the afternoon, but not too strong and manageable.

SUNDAY 20th: 6-9' faces easing to 4-7'. Side-onshore wind.
SWELL/SURF: Fading WNW-NW swell, strongest early with sets still reaching 2-3 feet overhead. Conditions unfavorable.
WIND: Moderate side-onshore NNE-NE wind.

MONDAY 21st: 3-4' faces. Sideshore wind.
SWELL/SURF: Smallest day of event window. Small blend of old/fading and new/building WNW-NW swells with surf around head high or less all day.
WIND: Moderate ENE-NE wind.

TUESDAY 22nd: 4-6' faces. Side-offshore wind.
SWELL/SURF: New WNW-NW swell levels out with sets around head-high to slightly overhead. Fair consistency.
WIND: Breezy ENE trades.

WEDNESDAY 23rd: 4-7' faces building to 6-10'. Offshore wind.
SWELL/SURF: NW swell pulses up further with the bigger sets eventually reaching the double overhead mark in the afternoon. Fair consistency.
WIND: Breezy E trades.


FRI/SAT: A fresh pair of back-to-back WNW-NW pulses (300-320°, mainly comprised of mid-period bands) will move in over today and Saturday, respectively, and resupply well overhead surf for Sunset. Tough to say which day of the two will be "better" than the other. Today will be a little cleaner in comparison, while Saturday will see the surf become a little stronger. Neither day is a slam-dunk, and both are certainly contestable.

SUN/MON: Likely out of the question for potential run-days - Fading surf and becoming rather small, combined with not-so-great wind conditions.

TUE/WED: Another bout of WNW shifting NW swell is lining up for the last couple days of the event window. Of the two, Wednesday the 23rd is shaping up to be best - with stronger surf than Tuesday, and cleaner. This swell is currently developing out near Japan and will continue to unfold over the next 24-36 hours. With good agreement across the models, our confidence is high we'll see another decent size pulse arrive on the North Shore by Wednesday -- something in a similar ballpark in size as what we'll see Fri/Sat, but with favorable offshore wind.

Next Update: Friday, Feb 18th (if needed)

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