• Small surf on Monday as onshore wind picks up for the afternoon
  • Series of strong WNW swells Tuesday through Thursday - wind is largely onshore but some decent windows possible
  • Potential for very solid WNW swell Fri-Sun - wind may remain primarily onshore

MONDAY 7th: 3-5' faces, strongest in the morning and fading through the day. Light/variable wind early trends moderate onshore for the afternoon
SWELL/SURF: Down quite a bit from the weekend off leftover NW swell. Should still be kinda rippable in the early morning when the swell is strongest, tide is decent and wind is light before deteriorating over the later morning and afternoon.
WIND: Weak offshore E wind in the early morning, 5kts or less. Light to moderate onshore SW to W wind in the afternoon 8-11kts.

TUESDAY 8th: Building from 4-5' faces early to 8-12' faces for the afternoon. Side-onshore wind
SWELL/SURF: New WNW swell will likely build through the day but come with onshore wind. Stay tuned, we'll refine the details in the next couple days as the storm pulls together.
WIND: Early onshore wind from the WNW 8-14kts may ease through the morning. Afternoon wind may shift to the SW to S 5-10kts. Stay tuned.

WEDNESDAY 9th: 6-8 occ. 10' faces, strongest early before easing much of day. Rebuild possible late. Side-onshore southerly wind
SWELL/SURF: Overlapping WNW swells possible with the largest surf early and again possibly late. Surf may be down some from the above numbers through the middle part of the day, but still head high to a couple/few feet overhead. Storm dependent, stay tuned. WIND: SSE wind early, could be pretty light 5-10kts. Increasing, moderate strength S to SW wind possible for the afternoon.

THURSDAY 10th: 8-10'+ faces. Side or onshore southerly wind.
SWELL/SURF: Good size WNW swell may continue. Storm dependent, stay tuned.
WIND: Could be pretty close to Wednesday with light'ish SSE to SE wind in the morning 6-11kts, trending more S to SW for the afternoon and picking up a notch in strength. Stay tuned.

FRIDAY 11th: 6-8' faces early potentially building to 10-15'+ faces over the afternoon. Moderate onshore southerly wind. SWELL/SURF: Very solid new NW swell may build quickly through the afternoon. Surf quality looks pretty mediocre at the moment with onshore southerly wind.
WIND: Moderate onshore southerly wind possible.


We'll see a temporary drop in surf on Monday with leftover WNW swell from the weekend. While we should see favorable wind conditions early in the morning, surf will be the smallest of the event window. Onshore wind from the W to SW builds for the afternoon.

No shortage of surf during the middle part of the week with back to back WNW swells, but finding the pockets of favorable wind will be the challenge. The same storms that set up these swells will affect Portugal in some capacity with variable onshore wind and even some light rain possible. Right now the short windows we're eyeing for the lightest and/or best wind are late Tuesday and the earlier mornings on both Wednesday and Thursday. We'll need to continue to wait, watch and refine the details as we see how these approaching storms behave.

For surf we expect overhead to well overhead surf from Tuesday afternoon through Thursday. Tuesday afternoon may end up seeing the largest waves and could push into the double overhead range (similar to what we saw on Friday the 4th, although potentially more consistent). We'll see the swell-producing storms develop over the next 24-48 hours and will have a better idea on size and timing as they do so.

Friday through Sunday
The charts/models continue to show a very solid swell over the last couple+ days of the event window. Similar to Tue-Thu, the specific details on size and timing are lower confidence although we feel confident that we'll see strong surf. We're currently looking at a building NW swell Friday afternoon that should continue into Saturday. Surf in the 2-3x overhead range is possible. Sunday may dip in size some but remain in the 2x overhead range.

Similar to mid week, wind looks largely onshore Friday through Sunday but there may at least be some windows when it is fairly light and/or from a decent direction. We're low confidence on the details this far out and given the type of pattern we'll be in but should slowly start to get a better feel for things over the next few days.

Next Update: Monday night, March 7th

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