Taito Beach, Isumi, Chiba (Sunday, June 8th, 2014)

Final day today for 2014 ASP Japan Tour Calendar event 2 REAL B VOICE PRO LONGBOARD TAITO PRESS BY KAIDO at Taito Beach, Isumi, Chiba.

The Kanto region in the rainy season, Taito Beach was blessed with improved weather as well as high potential conditions on offer.

Today the event is on schedule to crown 2014 edition champions for the men as well as Women are respectively this afternoon.

The conditions at Taito Beach this morning were 2 to 3ft. wind affected surfaces with improved cloudy weather.

Today ASP Japan Tour Manager Tosh Omi called the surfers this morning at 7:30 at first call to get in action to crown the 2014 edition champions.

Event official wave forecaster Ogawa of Namidensetsu forecasts for today are;

"The highs in the Камчатка should retain while moving south easterly direction slowly along with the pressure troughs. However we may enjoy warmer breezes compared with Saturday. The east to north east swells should weaken though retain along with weaker wind swells. The south east swells are subject to peak Saturday and weaken to Sunday and create lighter overall conditions. However the east to north east winds shall retain and cause the damage to surfaces along with qualities on offer to high performances by the top athletes"

Real Bvoice Pro Longboard TAITO 2014 Women's Quarter Finals:

Women's, QUARTERS, Heat 1 Akemi Oguma JPN VS Midori Oshima JPN Women's, QUARTERS, Heat 2 Miki Niwa JPN VS Yuki Suzuki JPN Women's, QUARTERS, Heat 3 Mizue Oguri JPN VS Hatsumi Ui JPN Women's, QUARTERS, Heat 4 Hiromi Suzuki JPN VS Hiroka Yoshikawa JPN

All the fun is all here at Taito Beach. The event will be broadcasted via internet including ASP LIVE ON DEMAND on i-phone with a purchase of the apps.

The "2014 Surf town Festa" is on at Taito Beach, Isumi, Chiba from June 1st thru June 8th and the local goods are all available. We look forward seeing you all at Taito Beach!

"Real BvoicePro Longboard Taio Press by KAIDO" will be broadcasted live via internet from the official web page as well as videos on demands.


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