Brief Overview:

Solid S swell with light onshore winds and semi-clean conditions Monday Clean, rippable S swell Tuesday, smaller leftovers Wednesday but clean in the AM Lower quality surf due for Thursday

MONDAY 27th: Solid 8-10'+ faces ease a notch over the afternoon, light side-onshore ESE/SE winds with leftover jumble/lump

SWELL: Mid-period S swell shows plenty of size and consistency. Surf in the well overhead to double overhead range is expected, easing a notch over the PM hours.

  • WIND: Light onshore SE trending ESE/E breezes. Semi-clean faces but leftover jumble from the previous onshore winds (most jumbled in the early morning). Conditions best at The Point with the more easterly wind direction. TIDES: 0.3' low at 8:08am, 3.1' high at 1:47pm, 1.1' low at 8:49pm

TUESDAY 28th: Easing 5-8' faces, mostly clean in the AM with some sideshore texture in the PM SWELL: Mid-period S swell eases with head high to 2-3' overhead surf in the AM and 1-2' smaller in the PM. Average consistency. WIND: Moderate NE winds in the morning trend more ENE to E over the afternoon. Conditions again best at The Point due to the wind direction.
TIDES: 0.2' low at 8:52am, 3.3' high at 2:39pm.

WEDNESDAY 29th: Smaller 3-4'+ faces, clean in the morning before texture and bump shows in the PM SWELL: Old S swell fades further with waist to shoulder high surf. Looking slower and more lully than days previous. WIND: Moderate offshore NNE/NE winds in the morning. Winds likely trend onshore in the afternoon. TIDES: 0.2' low at 9:27am, 3.4' high at 3:16pm.

THURSDAY 30th: 3-4' faces, semi-clean but jumbled with light+ to moderate onshore winds SWELL: Blend of mid-period S swell and short-period SSW swell with surf in the waist-chest high range. Weaker and less punchy surf with the shorter period energy. WIND: Light to moderate onshore SE breezes . TIDES: 0.3' low at 9:57am, 3.5' high at 3:47pm


No major changes have been made to the outlook and Monday/Tuesday continue to look like the best days during the remainder of the event window.

Plenty of strong surf is in the water on Monday as mid-period S swell peaks early before easing slightly through the day. Observations of the fetch that will send Monday's surf look in line with the computer model expectations. Although not the strongest wind speeds, the large size, close proximity, and favorable motion of the fetch make for consistent surf in the well overhead to double overhead range. Local winds and conditions are going to improve compared to the weekend too thanks to lighter onshore winds. That being said, the surf quality/shape on Monday looks a bit jumbled, especially in the early morning when we can expect some leftover morning sickness. Surf should become a bit cleaner and more organized through the morning and there should be rippable and chunky surf on offer.

The surf size and shape on Tuesday looks similar to what we saw during day one and two on Thursday and Friday. The morning is on track to be a clean and organized window of waves. Look for moderate NE winds in the morning which will be favorable for The Point. Mid-period S swell comes down some compared to Monday with size in the head high to 2-3' overhead zone. The wind direction is likely to shift more sideshore E/ENE over the afternoon on Tuesday which likely adds some texture and lump, although conditions still look fairly clean.

Lastly, the forecast is holding steady for Wednesday and Thursday. While windows of decent surf are expected, the smaller size of the surf will lead to lower quality waves. Look for clean conditions Wednesday morning with NNE/NE winds but the old S swell will be declining. Size tops out around chest-shoulder high and the better sets are likely to be lully and inconsistent. Onshore winds likely spread in Wednesday afternoon. Thursday is likely to see onshore winds although the exact strength of the winds is uncertain. Regardless, Thursday looks like the weakest day of waves during the waiting period with a smaller mix of S and SSW swell.

Next Update: Monday afternoon (local time)

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