Brief Overview:

· Head high to overhead, partially shadowed SW swell lining up Tue the 12th

· Larger, overhead+ SW to SSW swell Wednesday the 13th

· Potential for pumping SSW swell Thu the 14th, easing Friday the 15th

Swell/Surf Outlook

The Southeast Atlantic has been in an active pattern of late and that trend is likely to continue for the next several days. A series of SW to SSW swells look increasingly likely for the first few days of the event window and we could see a pumping swell move in for Thursday and Friday. This run of swell will be from a large, complex low pressure system that will take shape over the next few days, where several lows will rotate generally toward South Africa.

At this point it looks like we'll start with smaller but contestable surf on Tuesday as a partially shadowed SW swell builds in through the afternoon. The morning is likely to start of slow (under head high) before the new swell kicks in during the afternoon and evening hours with sets going gently overhead. Wind, at this point, doesn't look good but also isn't horrible - light devil/NW wind through the first half of the day, trending light+ onshore easterly in the afternoon (5-8kts).

Larger surf is possible on Wednesday as swell direction trends slightly more favorable/less shadowed and a new, larger SSW swell potentially builds in the afternoon. Overhead surf looks possible on Wednesday, possibly building toward double overhead in the later afternoon and evening as the new swell builds. The building trend in the afternoon could coincide with a favorable wind switch as well- light+ devil wind through the early afternoon could give way to offshore SW wind for the last couple to possibly few hours of light. Stay tuned.

Thursday could see the SSW swell build in further to a peak and if current model guidance comes to fruition, we'll have a cooking and classic J-Bay day. At this point surf in the solid double overhead range is likely and we could very well see surf get into the 3x overhead range. All day offshore WSW wind also looks likely. Friday should see slowly fading surf and we could go back to a weak devil/NW wind. Stay tuned, we'll refine all the details on the Tuesday through Friday run of surf in our next couple updates.

Further out, the surf currently looks slow from Sunday the 17th through Wednesday the 20th. There may be some small, new SSW swell for the 19th-20th but that looks around head high or less. A larger SW/SSW swell is possible around the final day of the event window, Thursday the 21st. Stay tuned.

Next Update: Sunday night, July 10th (local time)

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