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A week awaits the North America Qualifying Series (QS) August 23 - 28 as the women make their first-ever debut at the Vans Pro QS 3000. Set alongside Coastal Edge ECSC's incredible 60th year of competition, women such as Bella Kenworthy are ready to stamp their authority.

For the 15-year-old Kenworthy, this won't be her first time on the East Coast but it will mark a maiden Virginia Beach showing. The San Clemente, California competitor is ready and waiting to thrive, and the WSL caught up with her before embarking on her journey to talk expectations, excitement, and more.

A More Formal Introduction: Rising Talent Bella Kenworthy
At age 15, Kenworthy is exactly where she needs to be. Enjoying surfing, and making some noise in competitive surfing along the way with her goals set.
WSL: How's the mindset heading back to the East Coast and now Virginia Beach for the first time?

Bella Kenworthy: I'm super excited to get back to the East Coast again. I haven't been to Virginia yet and heard it's pretty small, but it'll be fun to get the grovel going. It'd be incredible to see a swell come in and it turned on during the event so hopefully that random swell comes through.

What does it mean to have Vans bring this event back and now feature women's surfing?

It's great that Vans is putting on a (QS) 3000 this early in the season and bringing this event back. I think we're super lucky to have this opportunity and for them to include the girls this time is amazing.

Bella Kenworthy (USA) Kenworthy's wildcard at the Vans US Open didn't go to wase as she blitzed through to an Equal 9th-place showing. - WSL / Kenneth Morris
What are the feelings being a part of this history in a time when women's surfing is on the rise?

It's super cool to be a part of the first girls QS event in Virginia. I couldn't be more excited to see what happens here and also see all the 3000s on schedule already.

The Vans Pro QS 3000 begins August 23 - 28 at 1st Street Jetty, Virginia Beach.

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