Official Surfline Forecast For Corona Open J-Bay

Official Surfline Forecast For Corona Open J-Bay

Brief Overview:

· Strong surf continues Wednesday and Thursday off overlapping swells

· Strong offshore trending side/offshore wind Wed; onshores build by mid AM Thu

· Dropping surf Fri with onshore wind; small surf on Sat

Wednesday 19th: 5-7'+ faces early, building to 6-8'+ faces through the AM. Biggest sets pushing 10' faces. Strong offshore wind. SWELL/SURF: Surf stays up as reinforcing WSW trending SW swell fills in over the older SW swell. Surf may be down a bit early before size and consistency increase for the later morning and hold over the afternoon. WIND: Strong offshore WSW-SW wind for the morning 18-25kts, trending more SW-SSW (offshore to side/offshore) for the afternoon and easing.

Thursday 20th: 6-8' occ. 10' faces. Short window of light wind possible early, then onshores build mid to late AM SWELL/SURF: New SSW to S swell will likely build in over the old SW/SSW swell mix. Strong surf continues.
WIND: Still a chance for a short window of light wind early. Then onshore easterly wind will likely build mid to late morning and into the afternoon fro increasing bump/chop.

Friday 21st: Dropping 4-5' faces AM, fading further PM. Side to onshore wind SWELL/SURF: S swell drops off through the day to much smaller leftovers.
WIND: Light to moderate onshore NE wind in the morning may ease some for the afternoon.

Saturday 22nd: Inconsistent 3-4' faces. SWELL/SURF: Small, new SW swell should move in on top of leftover S swell. Overall, small and inconsistent with the new SW swell not aimed very well at J-Bay.
WIND: Light to moderate sideshore wind AM becoming offshore PM.

Swell/Surf Outlook The next swell in the series is developing now and looks on track with model guidance thus far. The low is very close to J-Bay, with the head of the fetch about on our doorstep. Swell direction on this new swell will initially be quite west, trending more SW through the day on Wednesday as it builds in over the current, but now fading, SW-SSW swell.

Surf will probably be down some early before rebuilding in size and consistency through the morning and holding for the afternoon. Surf will remain in the overhead range with the larger waves up to a few feet overhead by later morning and afternoon. Strong offshore flow develops overnight tonight and continues through the first half of Wednesday before likely easing some in the afternoon.

Good size surf will continue Thursday as dominant swell direction shifts further to the south (SSW-S). Overhead to well overhead surf prevails. There may be a short window of light wind early in the day, but onshore easterly flow is likely to build by mid to later morning and continue through the afternoon for bumpy, choppy conditions.

Dropping surf is probable by Friday with light to moderate onshore wind expected. A small, new SW swell is likely for Saturday but looks slow and much smaller/less consistent than what we expect the next couple days.


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