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Glassy three-to-four foot peaks scattered the beach at Playa Revolcadero and competitors of the 4-Star Surf Open Acapulco were taking full advantage of the favorable conditions. Day 3 competition finished off the latter half of Round 4, and moved on to finish Round 5 as well. Some of the highest scores of the event were being dropped as competitors raised the bar in hopes to advance to the next round.

The standout surfer of the day was Pedro Henrique (BRA) with his performance in Heat 13 of Round 5. Henrique stomped a massive frontside full-rotation air after tearing the lip off of a big lefthander, earning himself a near-perfect 9.33. The goofy-footer backed it up with a 7.47 bringing his two-wave total to 16.80 points, the event's highest so far. The former World Championship Tour surfer seems to have only gained momentum throughout the event.

“That felt so good I'm so happy,” Henrique exclaimed after his heat. “I kept looking at that wave trying to decide if I should go or not, but I put my faith in the wave and it worked out. Since I lost all of my points, I knew I was going to have to go through all the rounds starting in Round 1 and so I've just tried to stay focused and I'm so stoked to make the next round.”

Another impressive showing came from Wesley Santos (BRA), who kicked off his Acapulco campaign with a bang in Round 4. The Brazilian picked off an 8.50, which took the top spot for the highest single wave score of that round. Santos was on a roll and went on to win his Round 5 heat in good form.

“This event is so special to me,” said Santos, “My board is so good and I love this wave. I've been training everyday in California for Acapulco and I'm so focused for this event. I really need points for the QS so I'm just going to go for it.”

One of the most competitive heats of the day came in Heat 7 of Round 5 where Nathaniel Curran ended up on top after a non-stop exchange of waves between competitors. Curran was displaying textbook top-to-bottom surfing on his forehand and walked away with a solid 15.90 two-wave total.

“I knew everyone was going to be super dangerous that heat,” Curran said. ”Dylan (Goodale) did that huge air and everyone was ripping super hard. I tried to just pick and choose the right ones and luckily it's a pretty big lineup so you don't really have to battle. The waves were super fun, though, and I'm stoked to have moved on.”

The Surf Open Acapulco is scheduled to run from July 8-12 and will be webcast LIVE via webcast at surfopenacapulco.com.

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