Todos Santos Challenge, Official Trailer
Get ready for some of the biggest waves that the West Coast of North America has to offer.

With the opening of the BWWT Northern Hemisphere, Surfline, ASP's official forecaster, is keeping tabs on conditions for potential starts at Pe'ahi, Punta Galea and Todos Santos. Surfline will track swell systems daily, searching for conditions that will produce waves of 25 feet or bigger. ASP will provide updates from Surfline as they become available.

Killers, the venue for the Todos Santos Challenge, draws energy off the Pacific Northwest. Surfline's latest forecast for the area is as follows:

The North Pacific certainly remains active but nothing major for our specific spots of interest for around the next week+. Long range charts/models do point to a more robust storm track as we head into December and we'll want to watch both Hawaii and the West Coast especially close starting around the second week of December (from the 10th or so on).

2015 XXL Awards
Hail to the jaw-dropping moments from big wave chargers worldwide.

While the second half of the BWWT has yet to get underway, big wave chargers are finding giants to ride worldwide and submissions for the XXL Awards are flowing in. Check out the highlights from the 2014 Awards and submissions for 2015.

ASP will broadcast the Todos Santos Challenge, as well as the contests in Hawaii and the Basque Country, LIVE once the event is called ON.

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