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A historical year saw some performances worth reviewing. As time ticks away on 2014, take a look at some of the waves deemed worthy of perfection during the 2014 World Championship Tour.

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Kelly Slater (USA), Billabong Pro Tahiti

Slater's Tahitian Plunge
The Champ goes big right off the bat at Teahupo'o.

Kelly Slater didn't win the World Title in 2014, in fact he ended up fourth behind John John Florence. But going into the final event of the season, he still had a chance. His Semifinal heat at the Billabong Pro Tahiti against his younger adversary, Florence, has been regarded as one of the best of the entire season. Slater may be the oldest guy on tour, but he's showing no signs of stopping.

Tom Curren (USA), J-Bay Heritage Series

Tom Curren's Return to J-Bay
The three-time World Champ pulls out all the stops for a perfect score in the 2014 Heritage Series heat at Jeffreys Bay.

Tom Curren turned 50 in early July and less than three weeks later he earned a Perfect 10 at the J-Bay Heritage Series. Heading into 2015, Curren's surfing proves that age is just a number.

Joel Parkinson (AUS), J-Bay Open

Joel Parkinson's Supertubes 10
Joel Parkinson nabs a 10-point ride in the J-Bay Semifinals, with two tubes along the way.

Joel Parkinson finished the 2014 WCT season ranked sixth in the world. Parko in fact has finished among the Top 10 four years in a row and made two Finals in 2014. He is always a threat and his Perfect 10 at J-Bay is certainly a reminder.

Owen Wright (USA), Billbong Pro Tahiti

Wright Heaves Himself Over the Ledge
The Aussie charger drops another huge score on the final day of competition at the 2014 Billabong Pro Tahiti.

Owen Wright may not have won the Billabong Pro Tahiti, but he did win the Andy Irons Most Committed Award. Wright demonstrated a fearless approach to the dark barrels of Teahupo'o, 2014 produced the heaviest conditions the event has ever seen.

Stephanie Gilmore (AUS), Swatch Women's Pro Trestles

Gilmore Rips Apart Lowers
The five-time World Champ reaches perfection as she takes the title at the first women's WCT event at Trestles.

Stephanie Gilmore's sixth World Title was no easy endeavor, coming down to the final heat of the final event in 2014. However, Gilmore demonstrated what all others did not over the most recent season, consistency. Her Perfect 10 at the Swatch Women's Pro Trestles is an example of the type of surfing Gilmore has driven her competition to expect.

John John Florence (HAW), Quiksilver Pro France

John John Florence's French Perfection
The Hawaiian scores big in a victory lap in the first heat of the day.

John John Florence won the Quiksilver Pro France. Along the way he garnered a slew of nines and this Perfect 10. Assume to see more of the same from John John in 2015.

Courtney Conlogue (HAW), Target Maui Pro

Conlogue's Maui Monster
The Californian opened Round 4 with a massive wave that paid off.

Courtney Conlogue had a rough start to 2014 with an injury at the Rip Curl Bells Beach. However, Conlogue made her way into the Quarterfinals or better in the last three events of 2014 and easily requalified. With performances like this one in Maui, expect big things from the Californian in 2015.

Antoine Delpero (FRA), GoPro WLC China

Delpero's Perfect 10 in China
Antoine Delpero (FRA) scored the only Perfect 10 in the Quarterfinal of the World Longboard Championships, China presented by Wanning.

Antoine Delpero scored the only Perfect 10 in the GoPro World Longboard Championships in Riyue Bay Point, China. Conditions could not have been more perfect and Delpero's unbelievable left was captured by a drone controlled GoPro. The technology may be new, but Delpero's style is reminiscent of something much more classic.

Nic Lamb (USA), Punta Galea Challenge

Nic Lamb on a Basque Country Bomb
In a high-scoring Final, Nic Lamb earns a 10-point ride to regain the lead.

Nic Lamb backed up a 9.77 in the Final of the 2014 Punta Galea Challenge with a Perfect 10. Lamb went on to win the event, jumping eight spots in the BWWT rankings. Look forward to seeing what else Lamb has in store for the 2014/2015 Big Wave World Tour.

Gabriel Medina (BRA), Billabong Pipe Masters

Medina's Pipe Perfection
The Brazilian reaches perfection in the 2014 Billabong Pipe Masters Final.

Gabriel Medina made history as the first Brazilian World Champion. He was consistent throughout the entire season (fans have already forgotten Portugal), arguably most apparent when he came head-to-head with Slater in the Final at the Billabong Pro Tahiti. Medina may not have won the Billabong Pipe Masters, but his first perfect 10 of the 2014 season during the finals sure was a nice way to finish it off.

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