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RDS Pro Jr: check out the opening heats

It's all set for RDS Pro Jr. at Guarda do Embaú: the surfers are practicing, the local community embraced the championship atmosphere and the organizers released the list of the first men's and women's batteries that will start tomorrow morning.

A number of 69 competitors have been registered and will compete for the trophy carved by the local artist Luiz Rosas, for the prize money and for the scholarship offered by Estácio: 51 boys and 18 female girls - six of the girls will have to pass by a pre-classification, in which the four best join the other 12 in the round of 16.

RDS Pro Junior RDS Pro Junior WSL / Luiz Paulo Fotografia

The list of participants also shows four countries represented in RDS Pro Jr .: Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Chile. Check out the complete list below:

Boys Round of 64

Heat 1: Mateus Herdy (BRA) x Arthur Cerqueira (BRA) x Daniel Adisaka (BRA) Heat 2: Sposaro Uriel (BRA) x Eduardo Motta (BRA) x Jhonny Guerrero Yauri (PER) x Bautista De Abajo (ARG) Heat 3: Juan Ruggiero (ARG) x Valentin Robinson (BRA) x Eric Monteiro Heat 4: Fernando Junior (BRA) x João Godoy (BRA) x Ryan Kainalo (BRA) Heat 5: Pedro Dib (BRA) x Ryan Cordeiro (BRA) x Anderson Junior (BRA) Heat 6: Leo Casal (BRA) x Henrique Swell (BRA) x Gustavo Dvoerquez (CHL) Heat 7: Lucas Vicente (BRA) x Tayrom Da Silva (BRA) x Guilherme Vilas Boas (BRA) Heat 8: Ian Casal (BRA) x Leonardo Berbet (BRA) x Kauê Germano (BRA) Heat 9: Samuel Pupo (BRA) x Ihgor Santana (BRA) x Lucas Silva (BRA) Heat 10: Leonardo Barcelos (BRA) x Andre Esmeraldino (BRA) x Artur Romão (BRA) x Kainan Meira (BRA) Heat 11: Mateus Sena (BRA) x Gustavo Borges (BRA) x Cauã Costa (BRA) Heat 12: Vitor Ferreira (BRA) x Heitor Duarte (BRA) x Geovanny Alves (BRA) Heat 13: João Chianca (BRA) x Guilherme Marques (BRA) x Diego Aguiar (BRA) Heat 14: Daniel Templar (BRA) x Wallace Vasco (BRA) x Vinícius Parra (BRA) x Joel Dantas (BRA) Heat 15: Jose Gundese (ARG) x Fabio Martins (BRA) x Hedieferson Junior (BRA) Heat 16: João Corsetti (BRA) x Patrick Plachi (BRA) x Renan Hanada (BRA)

Atletas e comunidade estão no clima do evento - RDS Pro Junior Atletas e comunidade estão no clima do evento WSL / RDS Pro Junior

Girls Round of 20

Heat 1: Luara Thompson (BRA) x Abril Solis (ARG) x Isabela Saldanha (BRA) Heat 2: Yasmin Dias (BRA) x Manuele Pacheco (BRA), Leticia Cavalcante (BRA)

Round of 16

Heat 1: Tainá Hinckel (BRA) x Flavia Cianciarulo (ARG) x Yanca Costa (BRA) x winner of Round de 20 Heat 1 Heat 2: Rafaela Coelho (BRA) x Ariela de Andrade (BRA) x Julia Martins (BRA) x 2nd place of Round de 20 Heat 1 Heat 3: Louisie Frumento (BRA) x Carol Bonelli (BRA) x Maju Freitas (BRA) x winner of Round de 20 Heat 2 Heat 4: Catarina Mercede (ARG) x Sol Aguirre (PER) x Bianca Schipani (ARG) x 2nd place of Round de 20 Heat 2

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