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The last week of March saw a lot of chatter across social channels. To kick things off, Waves4Water nearly crashed Instagram on World Water Day. Whispers about Kelly Slater (USA) turned into one big roar and a new clip from John John Florence (HAW) has fans freaking out.


The week warmed up with World Water Day. In 1993, the United Nations designated March 22 as an annual opportunity to highlight the importance of clean water and sustainable development. Waves4Water, a nonprofit organization that works with the World Surf League to install water filters in poor or disaster-stricken areas, seized the day to launch its #nofilter campaign.

Waves4Water Bali Installation
See how the nonprofit uses simple water filters to bring clean water to Bali.

For every Instagram post that included the hashtag #nofilter, Waves4Water pledged to provide clean water to those in need. According to the organization, one filter can create 1 million gallons of clean water. The company has its work cut out for it: Over 114 million posts included the hashtag on the campaign's first day alone.


Kelly Slater exits the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast with a Tomo surfboard. Slater with his Tomo board. Photo Credit: Steve Sherman. - WSL / Steve Sherman

The rumor mill was cranking hard this week. A number of media outlets speculated about a potential partnership between surfboard manufacturer Firewire and 11-time World Champion Kelly Slater (USA). Slater was seen tearing up the the Gold Coast on a Tomo, a board with unusual specs designed by Firewire guest shaper Daniel Thomson. Nothing has been confirmed, making the story all the more intriguing.


John John Florence (HAW) had a less-than-stellar start to his 2015 Championship Tour season, finishing 13th at the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast. But he stuck around Snapper and will likely get the last laugh: His newest clip, filmed in the days after the event ended, has 90,000 views to date.

90 Seconds with John John Florence
Video courtesy of Frost Films.

See more at frostfilms.com.au.

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