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The Cascais Women's Pro, which starts Tuesday, Sept. 22 local time, is an interesting event. The unpredictable weather and ability to go mobile can make this a challenging event for the competitors and event organizers. Keep in mind most of the ladies stayed in Cali to wait out the contestable period of the Swatch Women's Pro in San Clemente, not leaving much time to prepare for the banks they will be surfing in Portugal. Whoever is able to adapt and enjoy the experience of the changing waves, venues and bipolar weather will have an advantage at this event.

Start 'Em

Tier A: Courtney Conlogue (USA)

Conlogue Continues Form
Courtney Conlogue continued her solid form at the Swatch Women's Pro, but was nudged out by Lakey Peterson, losing the yellow jersey in the process.

Relinquishing the Jeep Leader's yellow jersey to Carissa Moore (HAW) is something that stung a lot for Courtney, especially because of how well she has been surfing. Courtney is well versed at all of the venues in Cascais and her boards are looking sharp. I think it will be easier for her than others to arrive in Portugal just before the event window and adapt to whatever comes her way, with a massive smile on her face.

Tier B: Lakey Peterson (USA)

Peterson Slices into Trestles
Lakey Peterson looked dangerous at the last stop, the Swatch Women's Pro.

I just can't get over Lakey at the moment. Her style, power and variety is so on point I can't fault what she is doing. Her quiet confidence in her own ability is also something to be aware of because that will be the difference in a pressured situation when she needs a score and an opportunity comes her way. And her boards are looking so knifey -- start her!

Tier C: Dimity Stoyle (AUS)

Stoyle vs. Fitzgibbons: Full Heat Cutdown
See how Dimity Stoyle took down Sally Fitzgibbons in the Quarterfinals of the Swatch Women's Pro.

Dimity!! I think Dim has finally broken through the glass ceiling and will hopefully carry the momentum of a great finish at the Swatch Women's Pro. Progressing through the rounds will give her a formula on how to replicate winning heats in future events, at Cascais and beyond.

Sit 'Em

Tier A: Carissa Moore (HAW)

Moore Cranks Into Gear
Carissa Moore turned it on when it counted in Round 4 of the Swatch Women's Pro. Would you sit her?

I'm gonna sit Carissa. I think Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS) is going to do pretty well in this event, as she made the Final last year against Stephanie Gilmore (AUS). But Carissa will probably end up making it to Portugal with little time to spare before the event begins and that may be the difference. The Lowers event has been a long one, with a bit of an emotional roller coaster (Riss vs. Tyler in the Quarters). I still think Riss will dominate into the final series though, but nevertheless I can't start 'em all.

Tier B: Tatiana Weston-Webb (HAW)

One of Weston-Webb's Big Moments in 2015
Hawaiian rookie Tatiana Weston-Webb has no problem handling tricky, windy conditions. She could be a threat in the beachbreaks of Europe.

This is a weird one, especially considering her form and string of good results, but I'm gonna sit Tatiana in Tier B. The other ladies have a lot of experience at this venue and that might give them the edge over the rookie. But like I said, Tatiana has had some incredible performances this year and I wouldn't count her out to smash this event too.

Tier B: Silvana Lima (BRA)

Lima Displays Talent at Bells
Silvana Lima has demonstrated the ability to go big, but results have eluded the Brazilian for most of the season.

Editor's Note: Lima was Tier C until Gilmore withdrew from the event, which pushed her up to Tier B.

Silvana has been her own worst enemy the past few events. Her results don't reflect her true talent at the moment, it's that unpredictable factor that is making me lean toward a sit for Silvana. Either way I can't wait to watch her compete in Portugal because she is always exciting and explosive.

Dark Horse: Tyler Wright (AUS)

Wright-Near Perfect at Lowers
Tyler Wright tore into the Quarterfinals at the Swatch Women's Pro, but came up short. Watch out for her in Cascais.

Tyler! I think Tyler is figuring out that she really loves competing and surfing. A few rough results have made her put her heart back into it and that may be dangerous for her competitors.

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Don't forget to set your Fantasy Surfing lineup ahead of the Cascais Women's Pro. The event will stream LIVE here and on the WSL App starting September 22.

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