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Highlights: Maui and Sons Pichilemu Womans Pro, Day 2
Watch the best moments from Maui and Sons Pichilemu Womans Pro Day 2

Tomorrow is the last day of the World Circuit of the World Surf League (WSL) that will divide US $15.000, as well as points for the world ranking, where figures such as the 13th in the world rank Hawaiian surfer, Alessa Quizon, the 2004 world champion, Sofía Mulanovich from Perú, and the 21st in the world ranking, the Australian Bronte Macauley, will be competing.

A day of surfing battles was witnessed today in Punta de Lobos, Pichilemu. The "woman to woman" classificatory heats are in dispute at this point of the contest, where two facing surfers run the best waves of Punta de Lobos that define's who goes on to the next round.

Camila Kemp Camila Kemp - WSL / Luis Barra

At 12:00 an excited group of viewers watched the second day of the competition of the "Maui and Sons Pichilemu Woman's Pro by Corona 2015" with the confrontation between the number 13 in the world, the Hawaiian Alessa Quizon, and the number 21 in the world ranking, the Portuguese Teresa Bonvalot, who was finally defeated by a strech with the final score of 12.85 vs. 10.60.

Immediately after, one of the most important figures in the championship, Camilla Kemp, 97th in the classificatory ranking (QS), beat the Peruvian Leilani Aguirre with 14.25 points.

Dominic Barona Dominic Barona - WSL / Luis Barra

After came the classic battle between Peru and Ecuador with the "crack of rimac", Analí Gómez (41º QS) who defeated her Ecuadorian friend Dominic Barona (46º QS).

At once preceded what we could define as a classic duel, the one between Pichilemu's Jessica Anderson (93º QS) and Arica's favorite national champion, Lorena Fica (156º QS).

Immediately after, the 2004 world champion, Sofía Mulanovich, achieved the highest score of the day with 17,75 points, leaving behind the favorite 19th world ranking Australian Laura Enever.

Laura Enever Laura Enever - WSL / Luis Barra

The second to last heat of the day was lead by the Brazilian Gilvanita Ferreria who left behind the Peruvian Vania Torres after a tight difference of two points.

Finally, another one of the favorites, the 21st in the world, Bronte Macaulay, beat the Spanish surfer, Lucía Martiño, with a score of 17.25 vs. 15.15 points.

If you want to know more details about the competitors and watch the live transmission presented by La Crianza: "Maui and Sons Pichilemu Woman's Pro by Corona 2015", enter the site http://www.mauiandsons.cl/pichilemuwomanspro

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