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Highlights: Maui and Sons Pichilemu Womans Pro, Finals
The Hawaiian CT surfer defeats former World Champ Sofia Mulanovich at the Maui and Sons Pichilemu Woman's Pro.

The Hawaiian number 13 in the world got the title in the last date of the World Circuit of the World Surf League Qualifying Series (QS) just witnessed in Punta de Lobos, Pichilemu, with a grand prize of USD$6000 after defeating in an exciting final the 2004 world champion, Sofía Mulanovich from Peru, who received USD$3000. The final score was 17.40 in favor of the Hawaiian surfer vs. the 16.90 points that achieved Mulanovich.

However, Mulanovich not only got the second place in the Pichilemu Woman's Pro 2015 tournament, but also got crowned as the South American Champion and will be taking back home a trophy given to her by the World Surf League. At this time two 3rd places were achieved by Analí Gómez, also known as Rimac's rider, alongside the Australian Bronte Macaulay.

Alessa Quizon Alessa Quizon - Photo: Luis Barra - WSL / Luis Barra

The "woman to woman" battles started at 11:00 hours, the first of four eliminating rounds, with Alessa Quizon who beat with 16.50 points the well known Portuguese surfer, Camilla Kemp.

Immediately after the Peruvian "crack", Analí Gómez, left behind the disciplined Costa Rican surfer, Leilani McGongale.

After came one of the most expected battles of the day, the one between the local Jessica Anderson who finally was not able to beat the perfect technique and 15.25 points of Sofía Mulanovich.

Sofia Mulanovic Sofía Mulanovich - Photo: Max Petit-Breuilh - WSL / Max Petit-Breuilh

The final duel of fourths starred the Brazilian Gilvanita Ferreira who fell under the power of the Australian number 21 in the world, Bronte Macaulay with a solid 18.50.

The semifinals started right away. Again Alessa Quizon kicked ass and left behind Analí Gómez who got only 9.25 points against an unbeatable 19.

The second round of the semi finals was for Sofía Mulanovich with a total score of 19.15, leaving the Australian Bronte Macaulay out of the tournament.

The final battle was extremely exciting. Clearly the best of the world fought wave-to-wave the title. Alessa with rapid and efficient moves, Sofía with wisdom and experience. Finally, the Young Hawaiian imposed her talent and finished the duel with 17.40 points vs. the 16.90 that were achieved by the Peruvian rider. And even though she did not win, she left the tournament with the South American title given by the World Surf League.

Alessa Quizon Maui and Sons Pichilemu Woman's Pro - Photo: Max Petit-Breuilh - WSL / Luis Barra

"I am very greatful for all the love of the Chilean people, and very happy to see how women surfers are developing in this country. That is the whole idea, that the level of Latinamerican surf ascending on a world scale," said the South American champion, Sofía Mulanovich.

Alessa Quizon was all joy and happiness. After coming out of the water and being received by a cheering crowd, the Hawaiian surfer showed immense gratefulness.

"I am very happy. Thank you Chile for receiving us so well. Punta de Lobos is truly amazing and there are great waves and competition. I am leaving with very happy and with a grand impression," said Alessa right after lifting her title in the air.

You can see the best pictures of La Crianza presents the Maui and Sons Pichilemu Woman's Pro 2015 in the official tournament site www.mauiandsons.cl/pichilemuwomanspro

Sofia Mulanovich
- WSL / Rodrigo Farias Moreno
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Sofia Mulanovich
- WSL / Rodrigo Farias Moreno
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