- WSL / Kirstin Scholtz

The World Surf League (WSL) has dedicated itself to providing exciting clips through its social channels. Now, thanks to a new product from SnappyTV, a clipping tool used for videos on Twitter, GIFs created from events or highlights will be more interactive. SnappyTV debuted the ScratchReel, GIFs that can be scrubbed frame by frame using a finger (on Twitter's iOS and Android apps) or a mouse cursor (on Twitter.com). The product has gotten so much love that, starting today, all GIFs Tweeted from SnappyTV will be ScratchReels.

"We started by challenging the team to come up with a new way to interact with media. In the world of touchscreen devices, what can we do with content to make it fun and interactive. The team came up with ScratchReel," said Mike Folgner, founder of SnappyTV. "Consumers love slowing down instant replays or scratching dancers quickly back and forth--it lets them connect with the GIF in a personal way."

"ScratchReels allow us to provide a more interactive way for fans to experience and share amazing surf highlights via Twitter," said Tim Greenburg, SVP of Digital at the World Surf League. "We're excited to be part of this launch and know surf fans will enjoy the latest way to engage with the sport they love."

If a user scrolls past a ScratchReel on Twitter, it behaves as a normal GIF. But once they see the ScratchReel icon in the bottom left corner of the GIF, they know they can interact with the content to make it come to life.

Check out the WSL Twitter page or follow @wsl on your mobile device for the latest interactive GIFs. If you're interested in creating your own surfing GIFS, check out the SnappyTV Knowledge Base information page here.

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