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Competition Underway at 2016 Surfest Newcastle

Day one of the Port Stephens and Maitland Toyota Pro and the Taggart Women's Pro was completed in two-foot waves at Merewether Beach. Both events are World Surf League (WSL) QS6,000 (Qualifying Series) events and have attracted an outstanding international field.

The second heat of the morning was one to watch with the 2004 Women's World Champion, Sofia Mulanovich (PER) hitting the water. The veteran was slow to get started, but eventually found a couple waves with scoring potential and was able to put down some beautiful rail surfing.

"It feels great to get the contest jersey back on and compete," Mulanovich said. "I haven't been to Australia in a while so it's great to be back in such a magical place. The waves are fun when they come, I just waited for a good one and that seemed to work, I'm excited to get back out there in my next heat."

sofia Mulanovich Sofia Mulanovich busting the fins - Bennett WSL / Bennett

After being unable to requalify for the CT (Championship Tour) in 2016, Brazilian surfer Silvana Lima (BRA) is keen to do some damage on the QS this year and get back to the top. This was made apparent in Lima's Round 1 heat where she dropped an excellent 9.00 point ride to progress with ease into the second round.

"The waves are small but there is no wind so it's clean and pretty fun when they come," Lima said. "I felt comfortable out there once I had two scores so I just put everything into that last wave and ended up with a 9.00 so I was stoked. I'm really happy to be back in Newcastle, I love it."

silvana Lima Former CT surfer Silvana Lima scoring an excellent 9.00 point ride - Bennett WSL / Bennett

Another former CT surfer that progressed through Round 1 was Hawaiian Alana Blanchard (HAW). Blanchard found herself in fourth spot until she got busy late in her heat performing some seriously stylish forehand turns to bump up into second spot and through to Round 2.

"It was a lot trickier than I thought it was going to be out there," Blanchard said. "That was my first time surfing out here so I wasn't very prepared. Luckily I eventually got a couple of scores and got through. Hopefully now that I've had a surf out here my next heat won't be so rushed."

Alana Blanchard Another former CT surfer who progressed through Round 1 was Alana Blanchard - Bennett WSL / Bennett

Tahitian surfer Mihimana Braye (PYF) was lucky to get through Round 1 after trailing for the majority of his heat. The stylish goofy-footer needed a 5.25 to move into second place when he found a long, medium sized right-hander. Braye was able to execute a number of quick backhand snaps and was rewarded a 6.67 to move though.

"The conditions are super tough, you have to be lucky to find the good waves," Braye said. "I had priority at the end so was just waiting for a good one. I knew if I got the right wave I could get the score, and that's what happened so I'm stoked to keep going in the contest."

Mihamana Braye Tahitian Mihimana Braye just made it through his Round 1 heat in the dying minutes - Bennett WSL / Bennett

Light-footed Byron Bay local Garrett Parkes (AUS) reveled in the small conditions, posting two medium scores for a heat total of 13.36 to progress. Parkes through a few air-reverses during his heat making it look far too easy.

"It's tough conditions today but lucky we have this little rock point that seems to work in all conditions so there still enough on offer for us out there," Parkes said "I just tried to pick the best waves I could see and stay as loose as possible, that's what I like to do in these conditions. I had fun out there and am pumped to make it through."

Garrett Parkes making air-reverses look far too easy
WSL / Bennett
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Garrett Parkes making air-reverses look far too easy
WSL / Bennett
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