- WSL / Kelly Cestari
- WSL / Kelly Cestari
Highlights: Upsets Continue at Margaret River
On a windy day in Western Australia, upstarts rule and the field narrows.
Andino's Alley-Oop
Kolohe Andino boosts for a near-perfect score -- a 9.83 -- in Round Three.

1.) Kolohe Andino

Kolohe's giant alley-oop helped propel him over a very dangerous Wiggolly Dantas in Round Three. The Californian was told by his coach to use every weapon in the favorable flight conditions.

Caio's Hail Mary
The rookie throws an air-reverse in a last-ditch attempt to defeat John John Florence in Round Three.

2.) Caio Ibelli

For the second event in a row rookie Caio Ibelli dashed the hopes of John John Florence in Round Three. His last-minute Hail Mary was especially painful given that Florence was holding priority and let the wave go.

Taj Says Goodbye
Burrow talks shop with Rosy Hodge after losing his Round Three heat at his last-ever Drug Aware Margaret River Pro.

3.) Taj Burrow

Taj Burrow was all smiles with Rosy Hodge even after surfing his last CT heat at Margaret River. Burrow was defeated by Nat Young in their blade fight out the back, but true to form, he was pure class.

Taj Celebrated
The surf legend was carried through the event site after his final CT appearance at the iconic break.

4.) Taj Burrow

Naturally, Burrow's friends weren't about to let him get off the beach without parading him in front of fans. It was a touching moment for Taj fans.

The Hit Man
The Italian injury replacement surfer took down Slater in Round Two and followed it up with De Souza in Round Three.

5.) Leonardo Fioravanti

Not satisfied with knocking off his longtime buddy Kelly Slater, Italy's Leonardo Fioravanti took out another world champion Sunday, reigning ruler Adriano de Souza.

Jordy Time
The powerful South African muscled his way into a 9.17 to open his heat against Kanoa Igarashi.

6.) Jordy Smith

Western Australia is overflowing with raw energy, much like Jordy Smith now that he's feeling healthy again. Smith seems to be gaining strength with every heat, and his power is the perfect match for Margaret's.

Medina Gets Loose
A slow-motion replay of what went wrong when the Brazilian boosted a big backside air-reverse during his Round Three heat.

7.) Gabriel Medina

After a couple of questionable performances at Snapper and Bells, Gabriel Medina is clicking at Margaret River, looking fast, loose, and fresh. He'll be clicking his heels a few more times before it's all over.

Pure Parko
The former World Champ scored a 9.00 in his heat against Michel Bourez.

8.) Joel Parkinson

Joel Parkinson was flowing in his Round Three heat against Michel Bourez, racking up a total of 17.4 points with his seamless style.

Nat Attack
Nat Young finds a second nine-point ride in Round 3 with powerful carves.

9.) Nat Young

Nat Young didn't give an inch to Taj Burrow in their Round Three match. Nor did he waste an inch of workable face in the breezy righthanders. Nat's attack is alive and well.


Seabass Takes Aim
Seabass may be surfing as an injury replacement, but his approach is no-holds-barred.

10.) Sebastian Zietz

Sebastian Zietz is determined to make the most of his second chance on the CT. The Hawaiian has pushed his surfing and his heat strategy to the next level in 2016, and it's working. He won a brutal Round Three battle with Jeremy Flores on Sunday.

Round Four Superheats

Heat 1. Matt Wilkinson, Joel Parkinson, Julian Wilson
Heat 2. Nat Young, Ace Buchan, Leonardo Fioravanti
Heat 3. Gabriel Medina, Kolohe Andino, Jordy Smith
Heat 4. Sebastian Zietz, Caio Ibelli, Italo Ferreira

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