- WSL / Richard Hallman
- WSL / Richard Hallman

With the 2016/2017 Big Wave Tour now open for business, 28-year-old Nic Lamb is heading into the year laser focused, "I'm thinking I want to win every single event," says the Santa Cruz native. "I'm here to win, I've prepared to win, and I expect to win."

Lamb finished No. 4 on the BWT rankings in 2015/16, which is only feeding his fire. This historic winter didn't hurt either.

Patience Pays for Nic Lamb
Nic Lamb made the final at the Todos Santos Challenge in January.

"El Niño was tremendous," Lamb said. "Every big wave spot went off with a bang, and we ran so many big wave events. It was definitely a highlight season for me, making multiple finals and winning an event at Maverick's."

Nic Lamb applies his Maverick's-honed skills to an enormous successful drop at Jaws on January 27, 2016. Video by Curt Myers.

Lamb's results point to the hard work he's put in behind the scenes between high-intensity interval training and a number of practice runs at places like Jaws and Nazaré. But in many ways he feels like he's on the verge of something bigger.

"I had one really good wave at Jaws this year," he explains. "It was probably my second or third time surfing out there. I had a really good session at Maverick's this year that really helped my confidence a lot. And I surfed Nazaré for the second time this year and I caught a few really good waves there. I'm stoked that we have an event out there now."

One of Nic's winter waves at Nazaré was submitted in the Billabong Ride of the Year category. Video by Humberto Santos.

Lamb's effort over the past year earned himself an official nomination for the 2016 Surfline Performance of the Year award. Though he didn't win, he's doubling down for the 2016/2017 season, which is now officially open.

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