- WSL / Poullenot/Aquashot
- WSL / Poullenot/Aquashot

As the 2016 season heads into its final stretch, the last two women's events of the year will be a mix of victory lap (looking at you, new World Champ Tyler Wright) and high-pressure battles for requalifcation. With just one event left each on the women's Qualifying Series (QS) and the Championship Tour (CT), the stakes are painfully high for a handful of surfers whose CT spots are in danger for 2017.

The following surfers will be battling for CT survival in the final weeks, and each one has a pretty clear objective.

Laura Enever  during Round 4 at the Roxy Pro France Enever is more than comfy in heavy waves. If Maui's Honolua Bay turns on and Laura's in the right frame of mind, anything can happen. - WSL / Damien Poullenot

Laura Enever

CT Rank: 10 Points: 32,450
QS Rank: 9
Needs: A 5th in Maui to truly stay out of danger.
The perennial underdog, Laura's got plenty of talent. What she's been lacking is the ability to consistently put points on the board. This year she's been training with resident miracle-worker Glenn "Micro" Hall -- the same man who helped Matt Wilkinson earn his best results ever and helped Tyler Wright claim her first World Title. Enever is hoping it'll rub off in Maui, because she needs a solid finish at the final event to ensure she stays within the CT cutoff. She's currently the last one in.

Bianca Buitendag has only one option left to save her CT seed, and that's a win in Maui. Given she finished runner-up there last year it seems very doable.

Bianca Buitendag

CT Rank: 12 Points: 25,300
QS Rank: N/A
Needs: Must win in Maui to stay on Tour.
Since qualifying for the CT in 2013, Bianca has not finished a season outside of the Top 10. That is until -- possibly -- this year. 2016 has been less of a smooth ride for the powerful South African. Her best result this year was a Semifinal in Fiji. But she's only managed a string of 13th-place finishes since. Bianca has no QS insurance plan going, so it's Maui or bust, and she'll need a win just to stay on the CT.

Coco Ho surged to a Semifinal finish at October's Cascais Women's Pro CT contest. The result was her best all year.

Coco Ho

CT Rank: 13 Points: 24,950
QS Rank: 7
Needs: A win in Maui, or a Semi in Australia.
As of now, Coco Ho technically requalifies for the 2017 CT with her QS rank. Her fate, however, relies on a few moving pieces: Sitting above her on the QS are Malia Manuel and Sage Erickson, both of whom are already in the Top 10 on the Championship Tour. Their CT status frees up two QS spots to the next-best on the rankings. Once those spots are accounted for, Coco is No. 6, by the skin of her teeth. To control her own destiny she'll needs a Semifinal finish or better in Australia. Her other option is winning the last CT event of the year on Maui.

Quizon had a confidence-boosting finish at Bells. Unfortunately, she hasn't been able to carry that through the season.

Alessa Quizon

CT Rank: 15 Points: 20,550
QS Rank: 10
Needs: A Finals appearance in Australia is her only option.

Hawaiian Alessa Quizon has had a rougher season than most. It's not unusual for her to be fighting for requalification at the end of the year, and she's known to produce huge QS wins when she needs them most. Now would be a good time for Alessa to step up, because even after her 3rd place finish in Japan last week, she's still only sitting in the No. 10 spot. In order to have a fighting chance at making the cut she needs to make the Finals in Australia.

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