- WSL / Ed Sloane
- WSL / Ed Sloane

Day 2 of the Roxy Pro Gold Coast and thank Neptune: the bluebottle jellyfish were all gone. As were those Round One jitters for many of the women today, too.

The big stories from Round Two involve Tyler Wright's brilliant follow-up performance to her brother Owen's, Rookie Bronte Macaulay's deadly backhand attack, and LAKEY.

Lakey Wins the Day
The Californian nailed the first perfect 10 of the Roxy Pro Gold Coast, and finished with the highest heat score of the day.

The only World Champ left in Round Two of the three total on Tour this season, 2016 World Champion and Roxy Pro winner Tyler Wright was on a TEAR. Surely fired up from watching her brother Owen win his Round One heat, Tyler burst through the gates with a 9.5-point screamer, laying down shockingly powerful forehand carves and hacks.

Compared to her Round One heat from yesterday, today Wright looked in top-form, which is to say: World No.1 status. She followed her 9.5 up with an 8 and that was all in the first five minutes of the heat.

Steph's Home Field Advantage
Five-time Roxy Pro Gold Coast winner Stephanie Gilmore pulls out a last-second comeback to win her Round One heat.

"I think I took a pretty calculated approach today," said Tyler Wright. "I made a major mistake yesterday, so moving into this round, I didn't want to make a crucial mistake that would cost me a heat."

"But watching Owen win that last heat was a massive moment. Really emotional, that's for sure. A year can change a lot, you know?

Current Women's World Champion Tyler Wright of Australia winning Heat 3 of Round Two at the Roxy Pro Gold Coast, Australia. Tyler Wright redeemed her Round One loss with a solid performance in Round Two. - WSL / Ed Sloane

Rookie Bronte Macaulay showed some serious flare in her heat with Sage Erickson. With impeccable timing, she gave the funneling Snapper rights some explosive tags with her aggressive backhand. Her first wave in particular - an 8.5 - showed Bronte's serious potential and ability to move from a rookie to a certified threat.

"I've been really working on wave selection lately," said Bronte Macaulay. "Waiting for that second or third wave of the set. But out here, once you've got a good one, they're so perfect, so it's worth the wait."

Bronte Macaulay of Australia winning Heat 2 of Round Two at the Roxy Pro Gold Coast, Australia. Rookie Bronte Macaulay advanced to Round Three on the strength of her solid backhand attack. - WSL / Ed Sloane

And then there was Lakey. Surely, the most impressive performance of Round Two, if not the entire day was Lakey Peterson's heat with Silvana Lima. With a 19.27-point heat score total, Lakey tore the bag out of every wave with a ferocious finesse that had the likes of Kelly Slater standing up and clapping.

A truly career-defining moment and what is being called one of the best heats ever surfed in women's professional surfing. Lakey linked tubes with critical wraps with stunning arcs and all genres of the modern turn. She got a perfect 10 on one wave and even burned a low-9. It was unreal.

As the field progresses into Round Three, stay tuned for the psychotic action tomorrow!

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