- WSL / Ed Sloane
- WSL / Ed Sloane

While the goofyfooters shined in the earlier, cleaner rounds of the Roxy Pro, Round Four only saw regularfooters making sense of the windy, increasing swell.

Nikki Van-Dijk heading out for her Quarter Final Heat. Nikki Van Dijk has been surfing with more swagger than usual at Snapper. - WSL / Ed Sloane

Potential 2017 Title contenders like Nikki Van Dijk, Lakey Peterson and Sally Fitzgibbons all won with powerful forehand wraps and their abilities to race the crumbling Snapper sections.

"I'm pretty used to windy, raw conditions in Victoria, so I was pretty much right at home out there," laughed heat winner Van Dijk.

Courtney Conlogue paced second in Heat 4 of Round 4 at the Roxy Pro, Gold Coast, Australia. Conlogue had a very tough Round Four pairing with homegirl Stephanie Gilmore, but true to form, she pushed Steph to the brink. The narrow loss will undoubtedly pour gas on the Conlogue fire. - WSL / Ed Sloane

But the biggest upset and also heat of the day was between a ferocious Courtney Conlogue and a patient Stephanie Gilmore. It was the last heat of the day, out of the gate with a sizzling 9.5-point ride. With a mid-range backup, Steph still needed an 8.3 to win.

And then, like a gift from the gods, her wave came on the buzzer, a long one out the back that finally setup for turns in Rainbow Bay. She got the score, a visibly crushing defeat for Conlogue.

Steph's Buzzer Beater
Steph Gilmore needed a huge score in the closing minutes of her Round Four heat...And she got it.

"I kept taking long deep breaths and at the end of the day I knew I had just one opportunity," said Gilmore. "I had just one chance left and it was my last roll of the dice so I was just lucky that the wave lined up on the inside. Rainbow Bay has had my back this whole event. I still didn't even think I'd get the score. I felt like I won the contest after that wave."

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