- WSL / Edwin Morales
- WSL / Edwin Morales

Grant Baker - Durban, South Africa Big Wave Tour Ranking: First

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The current and 2x Big Wave World Champion Grant Baker, from Durban, South Africa, has had a stellar season, with big results and a second World Title. Good things have happened to Twig the last few years with his big-wave surfing, family, and business life, and he is one of the frontrunners for the Surfline Performance of the Year Award.

His win at the inaugural Puerto Escondido Challenge was inspiring, and somewhat ironic as it replaced the surfer-canceled Dungeons Challenge in South Africa. Twiggy put on a solid performance at Jaws and charged along with the rest of the crazy crew at the Nazaré Challenge, winning the Title for a second time.

Twig has been an incredible ambassador for the sport, and is always ready to talk to media and fans, always represents his country of South Africa and always presents himself with a smile on his face. Twig is an experienced big-wave charger and a veteran of the sport, but he still has some time left on the Tour.

"I had a great year," said Twig. "I don't chase too many swells anymore, and I've chosen to concentrate more on the events, but I still managed to catch a few nice waves."

When it comes to the future of the sport, Twig is excited about what's to come. "I think we're heading for bigger waves on smaller boards with radical on-the-face performances and deep barrel riding, becoming the norm," said Twig. "I think that it's time to go back 10 years to when we where riding sub 9'0" equipment and leave the bigger boards behind."

Twig has always been one of the most focused surfers on the Big Wave Tour and always knew what needed to be done. "My goals haven't changed for 10 years," said Twig. "I still want to win events, and use the funds to travel, surf and find new world-class waves!"

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