- WSL / Kelly Cestari
- WSL / Kelly Cestari

Keala Kennelly Without a doubt one of the leaders in women's big wave surfing, Keala Kennelly has been around and charging forever. She had her stint on the Championship Tour, but after a fairly short run she realized that he was way more excited about paddling out and charging when the waves were of serious consequence.

She is known as the first woman to surf Teahupo'o and she also chose to surf it when it was maxing, death slabs. Her horrific injury on the reef there is testament to her fearless approach. She has been in the mix for the WSL Big Wave Awards before, as she obviously knows her way around the big waves of Hawaii, and recently she has shown absolute grace combined with a very serious approach to catching and getting down a few Pe'ahi beasts. She goes harder than a lot of men.

Keala is a popular female surfer that holds her ground when it gets busy, or tense in the water. She would come into the Women's Performance Awards with a very good chance of a podium finish. Her bomb at Jaws was a combination of determination and experience, and she makes it all the way down until she gets blasted from behind.

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