As is common in many other coastal cities in Western Europe, Cascais, Portugal, is home to a bustling casino, specifically located just down the road from Praia do Guincho in the posh end of town. But when you think casinos in Europe, think James Bond in a white tuxedo, not the gaudy neon slot machines of Atlantic City.

Parker Coffin (USA) Yahtzee! Parker Coffin and the air that earned him a 7.77. - WSL / WSL/POULLENOT

After getting through his Round Two heat Parker Coffin joked that he might be spending a few hours enjoying the highs and lows of games of chance at Cascais' local gambling house.

"I was laughing with my friends afterwards because that was probably the worst heat I've ever surfed tactically, I messed up a million times with priority," said Coffin, whose older brother, Conner, is currently rated No. 19 on the Championship Tour. "But today's my birthday, so I might go to the casino [in Cascais] and have a beer and put it all on red!"

With the nerves of a high-stakes poker player, Coffin threw caution to the wind in his tightly contested Round Two heat, chucking a Hail Mary frontside 360 on the buzzer. The move earned him a 7.77 and turned the heat against QS No. 2 Yago Dora.

"Surfing's funny," added the Californian, "You take it when you get it, sometimes you feel like you get it and you don't get it, other times you feel otherwise and it happens." Coffin gambled and got it this time, now he's on to Round Three.

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