With Monday having now come and gone (in Europe, at least), it constituted the third straight lay day for the Cascais Women's Pro and the EDP Billabong Pro Cascais. So if you've been wondering what the pros have been up to in Portugal while they wait for the waves to show up, here's a look at some of the best social media posts from the last couple of days. Needless to say, the Cascais area is full of amazing scenery. As if you needed more things to add to your FOMO, right?

Sage Erickson

Some tastey vino tinto and a nice view, saude Sage!

Frederico Morais

Billboards and signage with Freddy's mug are plastered all over Cascais, it must be a bit surreal for the hometown hero.

Sally Fitzgibbons

If you want to beat Sally to the beach for the surf check at first light, you'll probably need a sleeping bag.

Wade Carmichael

Wade Carmichael enjoys the same view that launched the search for the New World.

Carissa Moore

Peniche, home of the wave called Supertubos, is just a 90-minute drive north of Cascais. Will Carissa Moore someday tackle the place -- or its neighbor, the big-wave spot Nazaré? She's certainly got the skills to do it.

Leonardo Fioravanti

Golf is such an infuriating fascination it'll humble you into pleading for swing tips on your Instagram feed. Be the ball, Leo.

Lakey Peterson

Lakey Peterson celebrated her 23rd birthday with friends in romantic Lisbon over the weekend. Not too shabby. She even invited her coach, Snips, along.

Jesse Mendes

Jesse Mendes and Tatiana Weston-Webb are like any other young couple soaking up the sights in Portugal, except for the fact that she's the No. 10 ranked female surfer in the world and he's about to join the Championship Tour next year.

Tatiana Weston-Webb

Be sure to check out the Cascais Women's Pro and EDP Billabong Pro Cascais on October 3, 2017 at 7:30am local time (11:30 PDT).

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