The RDS Pro Junior has not even started yet and the emotions are already running high. The only South American event that qualifies for the Pro Junior World Final has received total approval from the family of Ricardo dos Santos, a surfer born and raised in Guarda do Embaú who lends his name to the event that takes place between October 13 - 15.   For Ricardinho's mother, Luciene dos Santos, not only is the living image of his son that is important, but also another gift that he will bring: the possibility of local people having a good holiday due to the economic movement that will happen in the event during a period where the region does not usually have many visitors.  

Ricardinho, João e Martin em foto de 2012 Ricardinho, João e Martin em foto de 2012 - WSL / WSL South America

"It is a great pride for the whole family to know that Ricardo's image is always alive in a sport that he practiced and enjoyed so much. It is a great happiness to have his image in this contest in Guarda, which will bring a benefit to all the residents during a low-season period. I feel very happy with the contest because it will keep the image alive between us and I believe it will be a great event," she says.   Ricardinho's brothers, João Antônio and Martin, also received the news with great enthusiasm because it will be as if it were Ricardinho's birthday: a party with a lot of surfing and all his friends around.

"I am very happy to see that my brother's name is providing a lot of possibilities for people who want to be real surfers. Guarda do Embaú will provide an unquestionably beautiful event and we are waiting for everyone," says João. "His name is in the event; all his friends will be present and everyone will surf his waves. It is a perfect tribute," completed Martin.  

Ricardinho e a namorada Karol Esser Ricardinho e a namorada Karol Esser - WSL / WSL South America

Ricardinho's girlfriend, top model Karoline Esser, commented excitedly about the event, revealing that this was a great dream of the athlete in life.

"I am very happy to see this dream come true for Ricardo. I am sure he is very happy with it. He was already giving support to some young people who had the desire to compete and I would like to thank all those in charge of the initiative for this great tribute to our angel, Leandro (Grilo), Adriano (Mineiro) and Felipe. You all were incredible."   "I would also like to thank the WSL for understanding that having a Pro Junior contest each year in Guarda do Embaú will become a totally different and special event. It will have the best energy. Thank you for the chance, it will be exciting."  

Lineup - Guarda do Embaú, Brasil Lineup - Guarda do Embaú - WSL / William Zimmermann

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