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More Music, More Fun in Caparica

Teaser: Festive Surf & Music Week in Caparica
The Caparica Primavera Surf Fest comes back with a week full of surfing and music in March.

The Caparica Primavera Surf Fest brings together thousands of people each year for their common love of two things: surfing and music.

The die-hard water action sports fans will not be disappointed with a massive offer in terms of variety of events and performance level. From local and national comps in bodyboard, SUP, bodysurf to the WSL QS, Junior and Longboard events, it's a gigantic event altogether with hundreds of athletes.

And on the music side? Well it ain't bad either!

Six massive nights under the iconic music dome right on the beach. Each night, three live bands will perform before a DJ takes over to dance the night away.

An eclectic selection of Portugal's artistic talents will mend generations together around urban sounds and open a new cultural bridge between the two banks of the Tagus river as artists from both sides of the river perform on the same stage.

More information about the exact schedule, tickets and more right here.

GrogNation, a newcomer on the Portuguese Hip Hop scene. GrogNation, a newcomer on the Portuguese Hip Hop scene, will play on March 24, the big urban night. WSL / Sara Falcão
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