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Updated Friday Afternoon, March 16th

EVENT WINDOW: March 17th-24th

Brief Overview: A mix of northerly swells and trade windswell is on tap over the weekend and through early next week. Northerly swells will ease next week as trade windswell takes over. Trade windswell will be the dominant source of surf Wednesday into next weekend

Outlook Activity on both sides of the Atlantic will keep a mix of NNE/NE swell/underlying NNW swell and trade windswell in the water over the next few days.

E trade winds will remain moderate strength for Saturday. Trade winds ease some for Sunday but are still modest onshore then. Modest E trades are due for Monday.

NNW swell will fade some for early Tuesday. Look for NNW swell to ease further and drop out through midweek. NE swell will continue to mix in Tuesday, but will be easing through midweek. Trade windswell will also be easing some early Tuesday. However, strengthening high pressure over the Azores will set up increasing trade winds/windswell Tuesday PM with healthy E trade swell/moderate+ to strong onshore trades through the middle of next week.

We will hold on to decent size trade windswell Wednesday heading into next weekend with persistent moderate+ to strong easterly trade winds.

The next low pressure system that moves off the US East Coast around the middle part of next week would set up a small shot of NNW/N swell around next Sunday (March 25th), but this is not looking super significant.

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