In J: A local's perspective, a new series on YouTube, WSL Qualifying Series (QS) surfer Dylan Lightfoot pulls the curtain back on the South African town that was built around an iconic wave.

In this episode, "History of Jeffreys Bay," Lightoot explains how the famous town came to be, and how it has changed since surfers started making pilgrimages there, decades ago.

J: A Local's Perspective -- "History of Jeffreys Bay"
In a new YouTube series, J-Bay local and WSL QS surfer Dylan Lightfoot sheds light on the iconic wave and town that grew around it.

"Not even 70 years ago, J-Bay was just a small fishing village," Lightfoot says. "And as the word spread that there was this incredible wave in Jeffreys Bay, surfers slowly started to inhabit and come to Jeffreys Bay. Basically, from then, the town grew and grew and grew [and became] what it is today: this iconic surfing town with one of the best waves in the world."

Joining Lightfoot in the episode is 1977 World Champ Shaun Tomson, who adds texture to the story of the wave and the place that sprung up around it. "Whether you surf or you don't surf [here]," he says, "the impact is profound... . Surfers built this place."

Lightfoot's series offers a deeper understanding of the break and the town, where the men's and women's Corona Open J-Bay will run from July 2-16. Watch live daily on Facebook and, on desktop at worldsurfleague.com. Catch more episodes of J: A local's perspective on the YouTube series playlist.

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